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New On The Market
  • American Racer Available No Agent Drama 2022 Jonathan Steinfield
    A talented but selfish American cyclist goes to France and gets a hardened old pro who’s sworn off racing to train him and make a run at winning the Tour de France.
    Market: Tue, 28 Jun 2022
    ManagerKathy Muraviov (The Muraviov Company)
  • Claretta Street Available No Manager Comedy Drama 2022 Colette Barris
    Four childhood friends from the sixties in 2020 are successful women and mothers who desperately try to save their “village” and their children who place little value on the past unless the past can earn a million Instagram or Tic-Toc likes.
    Market: Sat, 25 Jun 2022
    AgentSharen Parker Frazier (Crystal Ship Artists Talent and Literary)
  • Lover Hater's Club Available No Agent Comedy Rom-Com 2022 Christan van Slyke
    A group of teens band together to form a movement against relationship games and conditional love.
    Market: Sat, 25 Jun 2022
    Producer: Nuala Quinn-Barton
    Actor: Hayley Kiyoko, Anna Stadler
    ManagerNuala Quinn-Barton (Mania Entertainment)
    ProductionThe Film Co-Operative
  • Novocaine Available Action Drama 2022 Lars Jacobson
    Born with the rare disorder CIPA (Congenital Insensitivity to Pain), Nathan Caine’s life is a testament to caution. His parents raised him indoors. He blends his food so he doesn’t chew off his tongue — even wears a timer to remind himself to use the bathroom every three hours. But when his bank is robbed and his new love taken hostage, he will turn his greatest liability — his inability to feel pain — into his greatest strength.
    Market: Fri, 24 Jun 2022
    Producer: Todd Garner
    AgentEthan Neale, Mark Ross (Paradigm) ,
    ManagerJulian Rosenberg (Circle of Confusion)
    ProductionBroken Road Pictures
  • In Shadows Available Drama 2022 Alex Pastor & David Pastor
    After being released from his 20-year sentence, Jason Fagan must confront the childhood trauma haunting him and his younger brother, Eric.
    Market: Fri, 24 Jun 2022
    AgentAmy Beecroft, Bryan Besser, Felicia Prinz, Manal Hammad, Parker Davis (Verve)
    ManagerAlex Lerner (Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)
  • The Wild Atlantic Way Available No Manager Action Thriller 2022 Lance Daly
    An American couple’s picture-postcard visit to the West of Ireland turns into a nightmare when their daughter is abducted and held for ransom.
    Market: Fri, 24 Jun 2022
    AgentAdam Perry, Jack Leighton (APA)
  • Ferocious Available Action Horror 2022 Marc Bloom
    A team of financially desperate hotel employees embark on a deadly treasure hunt to recover priceless diamonds from a wrecked yacht in the middle of “The Red Triangle,” the world’s most dangerous hunting ground for great white sharks.
    Market: Tue, 21 Jun 2022
    Producer: Jon Hersh
    AgentDavid Boxerbaum (Verve)
    ManagerJon Hersh (Housefire Management)
Recent Coverage
  • iWitness Available Sci-Fi Thriller 2020 Michael Donegan & Stephen Kerr1 week ago
    In the near future, a resilient U.S. Marshal must escort a sentient android across the country so she can testify against an infamous private security contractor—who has sent a ruthless assassin droid to hunt them down.
    Market: Fri, 09 Oct 2020
    Producer: Roy Lee
    AgentGeoff Morley (Donegan) (UTA)
    ManagerJeff Belkin (Zero Gravity Management)
    ProductionVertigo Entertainment
  • Bella Set Up No Manager Black List Chris Grillot2 weeks ago
    A young college student is forced to confront her family’s dark past when a mysterious stalker appears,derailing her life and sending her spiraling into a web of anxiety and paranoia.
    Market: Mon, 13 Dec 2021
    AgentBryant Barile (CAA)
    ProductionDi Novi Pictures
  • Believe Me Set Up Comedy Drama Black List Hannah Mescon & Dreux Moreland3 weeks ago
    An absurdist biopic chronicling the many rises and falls of Donald Trump, culminating with that fatefulnight at the 2011 Correspondent’s Dinner.
    Market: Mon, 13 Dec 2021
    AgentEric Darnell, Olive Uniacke (WME) , Alex Creasia (Sugar23)
    ProductionBaha Productions, Paradox
  • Carriage Hill Available No Agent Thriller Drama Black List 83.9 Emi Mochizuki & Carrie Wilson3 weeks ago
    A pregnant couple hoping to start their family in the suburbs find themselves embroiled in a decades-long mystery that threatens to shatter their American dream.
    Market: Mon, 20 Sep 2021
    ManagerSukee Chew (Sugar23)
  • Barron's Cove Set Up Black List Evan Ari Kelman1 month ago
    When his young son is viciously murdered by a classmate, a grieving father with a history of violencekidnaps the child responsible, igniting a frenzied manhunt fueled by a powerful politician — the father ofthe kidnapped boy.
    Market: Mon, 13 Dec 2021
    ManagerCory Thompson (Tact Media)
    ProductionMandalay Pictures
Recent Scouted
  • Singles Cruise Unrepped Available Action Rom-Com Scouted 76 Diana Djurcinovska
    Five women board a cruise ship but end up on a deserted island in a game of survival with a group of pirates that rob the ship.
  • Make Me Tremble Unrepped Available Horror Thriller Scouted 71.7 Rebekah Mueller
    A bullied teen, ridiculed throughout her childhood about her seizures by a popular rival, convinces her best friend that they should find a spellbook said to be tied to a local haunted house. After invoking a spell and seemingly being cured of her condition, the girl finds herself capable of manipulating objects and people, allowing her to fight back against the rival’s “freak week” bullying campaign, but opening the door to a dark path of revenge.
  • Salt Beast Guardians Unrepped Available Comedy Scouted Fantasy 71.7 Yelitza Prada Breen
    A young girl whose father’s identity has been hidden from her learns that his descendants have been cursed by a witch to turn into pillars of salt. After learning this, she embarks on a training program to stop the curse by participating in a bull competition.
  • Unsung Lyric Unrepped Available Rom-Com Scouted 74.2 Frank "Cubed" Hernandez
    A struggling musician gives up music when he is evicted, arrested, and his car is impounded, only to question this decision when he meets a bakery assistant with Parkinson’s Disease who believes in his talent.
  • You Must Remember This Available Action Thriller Scouted 75.9 David Johnson
    As a dangerous bank robber is in prison and starts to see the effects of rapidly progressing dementia, his co-conspirators demand he reveal the hidden location of the millions they stole together in their last mission, and enlist the prison doctor to try to get the information out of him.
    ManagerJeffrey Belkin (Zero Gravity Management)
  • A Good Man Unrepped Available Action Drama Scouted 70.1 Clint Jefferson
    A businessman who works selling cocaine for drug cartels tries to protect his family and keep his secret, though the danger escalates as a terrifying enforcer for Colombia’s cartel is released from prison and goes on a violent rampage.
  • The Literary Offenses of Noel Burnham Unrepped Available Rom-Com Scouted 79.6 Billy Zeinert
    A reclusive, eccentric librarian is forced to work alongside a struggling writer to teach a class of unruly high school English students after their teacher quits. Their clashing personalities create tension at first, but soon the pair find common ground and a closer bond.
  • 1066 Unrepped Available Action Drama Scouted 73.8 Daniel Kissane
    The king of England and his brothers try to hold on to their power in the year 1066, as foreign rulers threaten to take their land and the throne.
  • Misdirection Unrepped Available Action Thriller Scouted 73.6 Emil Kraft
    Still reeling from a failed CIA mission that killed his best friend, a washed-up former operative must plunge into action to survive powerful criminals demanding money he didn't steal.
  • College Girl Unrepped Available Drama Scouted 73.1 Joshua Tate
    A woman with Down syndrome reassesses her place in life while grappling with the reality of an unexpected pregnancy.