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      • I Wanna Dance With Somebody Drama Set Up 2020 Written by Anthony McCarten
        Feature film on the life and music of iconic songstress Whitney Houston.
        Market August 4, 2020    Sold August 4, 2020
        Director Stella Meghie
        Producer Anthony McCarten
        Lawyer David Fox (Myman Greenspan Fox)
        Studio Sony TriStar Pictures (Around six streamers and studios chased the Whitney Houston film project hard, with Sony prevailing.)
        Production Muse of Fire Productions, Primary Wave Music, Compelling Pictures
      • Those Who Walk Away Horror Set Up 2020 Thriller Written by Robert Rippberger
        A high-concept horror themed around male sexual assault.
        Market August 4, 2020    Sold August 4, 2020
        Actor Nils Allen “Booboo” Stewart Jr., Nils Allen Stewart
        Director Robert Rippberger
        Manager Daniel Brandt (Plain-Text)
        Production Artists Film Group
      • Back Home Sci-Fi Set Up 2020 Thriller Written by Anne Vithayathil
        A contained thriller with heavy VFX components.
        Market August 4, 2020    Sold August 4, 2020
        Actor Drew Van Acker
        Director Drew Mylrea
        Producer Wes Hull, Robert Rippberger, David Lugo, Sunil Perkash, Drew Van Acker
        Manager Daniel Brandt (Plain-Text)
        Production Artists Film Group
      • Escape Of The Assassin Action 2020 Thriller Available Written by John James Halligan
        When James Earl Ray, the convicted assassin of Martin Luther King, escapes from Brushy Mountain Prison — the ‘Alcatraz of the South’ — the world watches as young warden Stonney Lane and his idealistic beliefs are called into question. Distracted by a swarming media and disrespected by the overzealous FBI, Stonney and his guards plunge into the rugged Tennessee mountains in a desperate hunt for a man they know cannot be allowed to get away.
        Market July 31, 2020
        Agent Varun Monga (Kaplan Stahler Agency )
        Manager Adrian Garcia (Recon Literary)
      • The Baker Action 2020 Thriller Available Written by Mike Maples
        A whistle-blower living a quiet life in witness protection has his life turned upside down when the man he put in jail escapes and comes after him with an army of trained killers.
        Market July 31, 2020
        Agent Mark Ross & Zac Simmons (Paradigm)
        Manager Bryan Brucks (831 Entertainment)
      • California Girls Comedy Drama No Agent 2020 Available Written by Vivienne Walsh
        In a funny and moving story, JOJO returns home to the small coastal town she grew up in to make amends with her family and her past. Everyone knows she’s been in jail except the one person who still thinks she’s wonderful, her niece.
        Market July 31, 2020
        Producer Mark Williams, Tai Duncan
        Director Judy Greer
        Actor Gina Rodriguez, Roasario Dawson
        Manager Jenny M. Wood & Raquelle David (Elevate Entertainment )
        Production Zero Gravity Management
      • Mother Land Horror 2020 Available Written by Kevin Coughlin & Ryan Grassby
        Isolated in a rustic cabin deep in the woods, a mother and her twin sons eke out a pitiful existence while clinging desperately to their homestead to protect them from The Evil that surrounds them. Think A QUIET PLACE meets HEREDITARY.
        Market July 31, 2020
        Agent Matt Snow & Mark Ross (Paradigm), Tom Spriggs (The Coronel Group)
        Production 21 Laps Entertainment

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      • Distant Sci-Fi Set Up 2019 Thriller 81.4 Written by Spenser Cohen
        3 hours ago
        An asteroid miner who, after crash-landing on an alien planet, must make his way across the harsh terrain, running out of oxygen, hunted by strange creatures, to the only other survivor: a woman who is trapped in her escape pod.
        Market February 14, 2019    Sold February 21, 2019
        Producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Anna Halberg
        Executive Jeb Brody
        Agent David Boxerbaum, Felicia Prinz, Jenna Block, Liz Parker (Verve)
        Manager Ryan Cunningham (Anonymous Content)
        Studio Amblin Partners
        Production Six Foot Turkey Productions
        8-22-2019 - Update: Will Speck and Josh Gordon (BLADES OF GLORY) have signed on to direct. 2-26-2020 - Update: Rachel Brosnahan set to star.
      • Pod Sci-Fi 2019 Available Written by Nabil Chowdhary
        4 hours ago
        After a mission to destroy a black hole that endangers mankind goes wrong, an astronaut awakens in herescape pod to find that decades have passed seemingly in a moment. Now, with an old body and fragile mind,she battles against the elements of space & time to complete her mission.
        Market December 16, 2019
        Agent David Boxerbaum, Sara Nestor (Verve Talent and Literary Agency)
        Manager Bash Naran (Writ Large)
      • Wendi Black List Drama Hit List No Agent 2018 Available Written by Amy Wang
        8 hours ago
        When an ambitious girl from the slums of China manipulates her way into marriage with a media tycoon, she becomes one of the most powerful women in the Western world. This is the story of Wendi Deng, second wife of Rupert Murdoch.
        Market November 13, 2018
        Manager Cassie Duffy (Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment ), Lindsay Perraud
         (Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment ),
      • 10-31 Horror Set Up 2019 Thriller Written by Peter Gamble & Ian Schorr
        16 hours ago
        A young woman takes her niece and nephew trick-or-treating and discovers a note inside a candy wrapperthat says there’s a killer loose on her block.
        Market October 1, 2019    Sold October 1, 2019
        Producer Eli Roth
        Manager John Zaoizirny (Bellevue Productions)
        Financier Orion (Per Variety article from Oct 1, 2019)
        Production The Arts District, Bellevue Productions
      • 8-bit Christmas Family 2019 Available 92 Written by Kevin Jakubowski
        2 days ago
        Ten-year-old Jake Doyles goes on a herculean quest to get the Christmas gift of his generation - a NintendoEntertainment System - in suburban Chicago in the late 1980s.
        Market December 16, 2019
        Manager Josh Goldenberg (Kaplan / Perrone Entertainment)
        Production Star Thrower Entertainment

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      • The Hotel Barbers Action Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Daniel Woburn
        In 1923 Australia, a war vet turned farmer, desperate for money, bands together with the disowned son of a wealthy man to impersonate a notorious crime duo: the Hotel Barbers. As the two hatch their heist, they quickly discover they aren't the only ones with nefarious plans in this hotel.
      • Private Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped 76.8 Written by Brad Bong
        Based on actual events. When his father's MS gets worse, a teenager enlists in the army to help support his family financially, but must keep his sexuality a secret during an era of "Don't Ask, Don't tell."
      • Untitled Jim Thorpe / Pop Warner Project Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Joseph Puterbaugh
        In 1912, after the death of his mother, Jim Thorpe, a member of the Sac and Fox Nation, is sent to a school run by white men that aims to "civilize" and stamp out Native identity. Pop Warner, a former college football coach new to the school, immediately notices Jim's athletic ability, and encourages him to join the football team, and the players fight to win games and prove themselves in the face of racism, as well as retain their Native identities.
      • Codename Danger Action Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Michael Webb
        After a failed mission results in the death of his mentor, a spy now barely getting by as a PI is offered the chance to redeem himself by returning to the trade to locate a missing test pilot. The spy goes undercover and begins investigating, but a shady engineer and his powerful boss are soon on to the man, who must stay one step ahead.
      • Buccaneers Of The Asteroid Belt Action Sci-Fi Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Jeff Racho
        When the CEO of a space mining company is faced with bankruptcy and radiation poisoning threatens his crew and his family, he makes a decision to hijack a company ship to get to Mars for treatment, while being pursued every step of the way by a former rival looking to reclaim the ship for himself.
      • Season Of Love Comedy Rom-Com Scouted Available Unrepped Written by James Phillips
        A screenwriter incapable of long-term relationships meets a nurse with numerous broken engagements behind her, and when they hit it off, the writer suggests they have a fling. Despite coming up with a “contract” to keep their relationship casual, the two soon fall in love, giving the writer fodder for his next screenplay, but forcing them both to face their commitment-phobic ways.
      • Nathan Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Eric Owen
        Through his youth in the '80s and '90s, a young man evolves towards a successful political career as a member of the Republican party. Even after he marries and has a child however, he struggles with a double life as a closeted gay man.
      • All Art Is Quite Useless Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Jeff Racho
        After his friend takes a photo of a dildo on his work camera, an aspiring artist accidentally turns in the photograph to a gallery, and his provocative new work is hailed as the hottest thing in the local art scene, thus forcing him to struggle to hang on to his newfound fame.
      • Lest More Mischance Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Dave Miller
        In the aftermath of World War II, a German professor is mistaken for a deceased Nazi officer due to his uncanny resemblance to the man. Fleeing Nazi hunters, he reluctantly teams up with other Nazis as he attempts to survive.
      • Pressure Drama Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped Written by S.K. Lind
        Struggling with an affair with a past lover, a successful architect and family man finds himself in the crosshairs of a government conspiracy involving murder and money.