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      • I Regret Everything Comedy No Manager Available Written by Seth Greenland
        Story details are being kept under wraps.
        Market April 26, 2021
        Director Carlos Marques-Marcet
        Actor David Oyelowo, Helena Howard
        Agent Jill Gillett, Sylvie Rabineau (WME)
        Production Kamala Films
      • Conscious Uncoupling No Manager Rom-Com Available Written by Kris Pathirana
        Seeking closure to a failed relationship, Bobby and Holly agree to Conscious Uncoupling. When the mystical ceremony switches the quarreling exes into each other’s bodies, they are forced to masquerade as one another. In the process, they learn that you don’t really know your partner’s struggles until you have walked a mile in their shoes.
        Market April 26, 2021
        Producer Max Carver
        Agent Greg Pedicin (Gersh Agency)
      • Wire Room Action Thriller Written by Brandon Stiefer
        While working the night shift of a wire room alone, a rookie Homeland Security special agent listens in as the target of the investigation is attacked in his home by a hit squad. Without burning the wire, the agent must ensure the safety of the target and the investigation from the confines of a room hundreds of miles away.
        Market April 9, 2021
        Producer Jeff Belkin
        Agent Sean Barclay (Gersh)
        Manager Jeff Belkin (Zero Gravity Management )
      • Succuboss Comedy Horror No Manager Written by Gretchen Enders & Eric Jeske
        After starting a new office job that seems almost too good to be true, Jen begins to discover that her buttoned-up, seemingly perfect corporate bosses just might be a roving pack of murderous sex demons. And it’s up to her to stop them.
        Market April 9, 2021
        Agent Rich Rogers (Verve)
      • Here's Looking At You Comedy Drama No Agent Available Written by Jeff Burgett
        A tenacious executive battles chaos and misogyny in 1940s Hollywood in a desperate effort to prove her worth and win Best Picture for her latest brainchild: CASABLANCA.
        Market April 8, 2021
        Manager Kegan Schell (Echo Lake Entertainment)
      • Splashdown No Agent Thriller Available Written by Travis Seppala
        After their reentry goes horribly wrong and they splashdown hundreds of miles off course, five astronauts and two space tourists must await rescue from shark-infested waters.
        Market April 6, 2021
        Manager Kathy Muraviov (The Muraviov Company)
      • Untitled Alex Ankeles And Morgan Jurgenson Family Adventure-comedy Comedy Family Set Up Written by Alex Ankeles & Morgan Jurgenson
        A four-quadrant family adventure-comedy and a love letter to pop culture and fandom.
        Market April 6, 2021    Sold April 6, 2021
        Producer John Davis, John Fox, Ross Siegel
        Executive Jeremy Stein, Jeyun Munford, Christine Sun
        Agent (Ankeles) (Kaplan/Perrone)
        Production Davis Entertainment , 1stAve Machine
        Studio Universal

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      • Save Yourselves! Written by Alex Fischer & Eleanor Wilson
        178 days ago
        A hipster couple from Brooklyn decide to go offline and spend a week in a remote cabin, only to find their plans derailed by an alien attack.
      • The Saturday Night Ghost Club 2020 Thriller Available Written by Steve Desmond & Michael Sherman
        222 days ago
        After being haunted by a terrifying entity, a twelve-year-old boy teams up with his eccentric uncle and three other misfits to form their own ghost club, investigating all the paranormal sites in town so that he can find and confront the ghost that’s tormenting him. Based on the Craig Davidson novel.
        Market August 27, 2020
        Producer Brad Fuller , Michael Sherman
        Agent Adam Perry (APA)
        Manager Geoff Shaevitz (Management 360)
      • The Blue Afternoon That Lasted Forever No Agent Sci-Fi Set Up 2020 Thriller 90.1 Written by Daniel H. Wilson
        228 days ago
        A single dad and NASA physicist discovers a black hole that will strike earth in a matter of days but no one, including his colleagues at NASA, believes him. The one person that trusts him is his 10-year-old daughter, but that bond is now being threatened by a different force.
        Market May 28, 2020    Sold May 28, 2020
        Producer Andrew Form, Brad Fuller
        Manager Michael Prevett, Brad Mendelsohn (Circle of Confusion)
        Lawyer Marcy Morris , Adam Cooper  (Jackoway Austen Tyermanand)
        Production Fully Formed Entertainment
        Studio Paramount (Per Variety Several bidders were chasing the spec, including Amblin, J.J. Abrams, Sony and MGM, before Paramount eventually landed it.)
        5-28-2020 - Per Variety, "Several bidders were chasing the spec, including Amblin, J.J. Abrams, Sony and MGM, before Paramount eventually landed it." Wilson adapted the script from his own short story.
      • Endurance No Manager Sci-Fi Set Up 2020 Written by Dalton Leeb & Nicholas Jacobson-Larson
        229 days ago
        Story details are being kept under wraps, but described as an original concept with franchise potential and centering on a strong female lead.
        Market February 4, 2020    Sold February 13, 2020
        Producer Simon Kinberg
        Agent  (CAA)
        Studio Netflix (Netflix purchased in six-figure deal.)
        Production Genre Films
        2-2020 - The package garnered multiple bids, with the deal, struck Friday night, almost hitting seven figures, a massive payday for the newbie writers.
      • They Cloned Tyrone Sci-Fi Set Up 2019 91.8 Written by Tony Rettenmaier & Juel Taylor
        233 days ago
        An unlikely group is thrown together by mysterious events that leads them to uncover a government conspiracy.
        Market October 18, 2019    Sold October 18, 2019
        Producer Charles D. King, Kim Roth
        Actor John Boyega
        Manager Max Goldfarb, Peter McHugh, Eric Robinson (Gotham Group)
        Production Macro
        Studio Netflix
        Per THR - "Set up at Macro, They Cloned Tyrone will mark the directorial debut of Creed 2 writer Juel Taylor, who co-wrote the script alongside Tony Rettenmaier."

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      Most Recent Scouted
      • Ajeeta The Invincible Comedy Family Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Terry Lynam
        A streetsmart orphan escapes from her orphanage and teams up with a simple-minded janitor, and the two of them journey to get the orphan girl to football tryouts and the janitor to a clinic that may be able to fix his failing eyesight.
      • Desolation Angel Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 82.9 Written by Damian Hall
        In 1956, Beat writer Jack Kerouac attempts to kick his drug habit by spending months alone as a lookout atop Desolation Peak in Washington state. As his withdrawal symptoms appear, so do the many ghosts from his past, taunting him to face memories of struggling to become a successful writer alongside his contemporaries, and from the childhood trauma that's haunted him his whole life.
      • Red Rabbit Down Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Michael Roud
        A man joins a street-art group to try and cope with the grief he’s feeling over the suicide of his sister, who loved street art. After he gets an IM from someone claiming to know that his sister was killed to cover up a conspiracy around the energy drink Red Rabbit, he uses his street art and his new associates to uncover what happened to his sister.
      • The Rains Of Berlin Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 76.1 Written by Niav Atkinson
        In 1981, an author reminisces navigating through WWII Germany as a gay man. He notes a deep but ill-fated romance with a Nazi General's son.
      • Half A Life Comedy Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by JT David
        A man who has become a Trappist monk challenges his former primary school bully to run for mayor.
      • Dark Roots Sci-Fi Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped Written by Mark Keavney
        When a DNA test identifies his biological father, a troubled young man and his pregnant fiancee visit his father’s isolated estate, and unearth a disturbing family history that threatens their sanity and their lives.
      • Insection Sci-Fi Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Mark Keavney
        A teenager working at her mother’s biotech startup discovers that the company is planning to infect all of humanity with a brain-controlling parasite.
      • Yiddish For Murder Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Lee Stein
        An underdog security guard working in a retirement home discovers evidence that a recent death may be the result of foul play, and sets out to uncover a dangerous killer amongst the elderly residents.
      • Arctic Splashdown Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped Written by Jeremy Marwick
        A space crew suddenly splashes down in the Arctic Circle, and the survivors, led by a resilient and brilliant astronaut, try to survive the harsh conditions where polar bears and strong winds threaten their rescue.
      • Motherkiller Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Terry Lynam
        Based on a true story, a young prosecutor decides to take a twenty-year-old murder case when she realizes that the suspect has gotten away with killing his girlfriend.
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