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      • Dark Room Horror 2020 Available Written by Axelle Carolyn
        In Victorian London, a widowed photographer and a medium must join together to investigate a mysterious spirit who appears on the photographs of young children just before they go missing.
        Market October 15, 2020
        Director Axelle Carolyn
        Agent Sheryl Petersen, Nathan DeRemer (APA)
        Manager Kailey Marsh  (Brillstein)
      • Untitled Katie Wech Project Comedy Set Up 2020 Written by Katie Wech
        Hard R-rated comedy spec script that is best described as Sausage Party meets Toy Story, done in a CGI and animation hybrid with some live-action thrown in.
        Market October 15, 2020    Sold October 15, 2020
        Producer Alexa Faigen
        Agent  (Verve)
        Studio New Line
      • One And Only Comedy Drama No Manager 2020 Available Written by Jennifer Gutierrez
        After a bisexual woman, Camila, finds out that her first love, Grace, and her ex-boyfriend, Noah, are getting married, she decides to stop the wedding to win back her true love. Only once there, she’ll have to decide who that is: the bride or the groom.
        Market October 9, 2020
        Agent Danny Toth (Gersh)
      • From The Sea Action Drama 2020 Thriller Available Written by Josh Baker & Jonathan Baker
        On a tropical vacation, a recently separated father must protect his two daughters against a brutal kidnapping ring, only to come face to face with a monster far more sinister.
        Market October 9, 2020
        Director Josh Baker & Jonathan Baker
        Agent Jeff Gorin & Solco Schuit (WME)
        Manager Benjamin Rowe & Jeff Silver (Grandview)
      • The Caldera Project Sci-Fi 2020 Thriller Available Written by Alison-Eve Hammersley
        Miles beneath the sea, an expedition to save the planet from environmental collapse is threatened by a monstrous species of unknown creatures. Think underwater ARMAGEDDON meets ALIEN with an environmental element.
        Market October 9, 2020
        Agent Faith Brown (UTA)
        Manager Arabella Roberts & Corrine Aquino (Artists First)
      • Iwitness Sci-Fi 2020 Thriller Available Written by Michael Donegan & Stephen Kerr
        In the near future, a resilient U.S. Marshal must escort a sentient android across the country so she can testify against an infamous private security contractor—who has sent a ruthless assassin droid to hunt them down.
        Market October 9, 2020
        Producer Roy Lee
        Agent Geoff Morley (Donegan) (UTA)
        Manager Jeff Belkin (Zero Gravity Management)
        Production Vertigo Entertainment
      • Doggystyle Comedy No Agent 2020 Available Written by Matt Kaplan
        Two dogs have one night to lose their virginity and find true love before getting neutered in the morning. Tonally, think PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES meets SUPERBAD. This will be a a live-action/animation hybrid film. Open to partnering on project.
        Market October 8, 2020
        Producer Adam Blum
        Manager Adam Blum (Freewill)
        Production Freewill

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      • Save Yourselves! Written by Alex Fischer & Eleanor Wilson
        2 days ago
        A hipster couple from Brooklyn decide to go offline and spend a week in a remote cabin, only to find their plans derailed by an alien attack.
      • The Saturday Night Ghost Club 2020 Thriller Available Written by Steve Desmond & Michael Sherman
        45 days ago
        After being haunted by a terrifying entity, a twelve-year-old boy teams up with his eccentric uncle and three other misfits to form their own ghost club, investigating all the paranormal sites in town so that he can find and confront the ghost that’s tormenting him. Based on the Craig Davidson novel.
        Market August 27, 2020
        Producer Brad Fuller , Michael Sherman
        Agent Adam Perry (APA)
        Manager Geoff Shaevitz (Management 360)
      • The Blue Afternoon That Lasted Forever No Agent Sci-Fi Set Up 2020 Thriller 90.1 Written by Daniel H. Wilson
        52 days ago
        A single dad and NASA physicist discovers a black hole that will strike earth in a matter of days but no one, including his colleagues at NASA, believes him. The one person that trusts him is his 10-year-old daughter, but that bond is now being threatened by a different force.
        Market May 28, 2020    Sold May 28, 2020
        Producer Andrew Form, Brad Fuller
        Manager Michael Prevett, Brad Mendelsohn (Circle of Confusion)
        Lawyer Marcy Morris , Adam Cooper  (Jackoway Austen Tyermanand)
        Production Fully Formed Entertainment
        Studio Paramount (Per Variety Several bidders were chasing the spec, including Amblin, J.J. Abrams, Sony and MGM, before Paramount eventually landed it.)
        5-28-2020 - Per Variety, "Several bidders were chasing the spec, including Amblin, J.J. Abrams, Sony and MGM, before Paramount eventually landed it." Wilson adapted the script from his own short story.
      • Endurance No Manager Sci-Fi Set Up 2020 Written by Dalton Leeb & Nicholas Jacobson-Larson
        53 days ago
        Story details are being kept under wraps, but described as an original concept with franchise potential and centering on a strong female lead.
        Market February 4, 2020    Sold February 13, 2020
        Producer Simon Kinberg
        Agent  (CAA)
        Studio Netflix (Netflix purchased in six-figure deal.)
        Production Genre Films
        2-2020 - The package garnered multiple bids, with the deal, struck Friday night, almost hitting seven figures, a massive payday for the newbie writers.
      • They Cloned Tyrone Sci-Fi Set Up 2019 91.8 Written by Tony Rettenmaier & Juel Taylor
        56 days ago
        An unlikely group is thrown together by mysterious events that leads them to uncover a government conspiracy.
        Market October 18, 2019    Sold October 18, 2019
        Producer Charles D. King, Kim Roth
        Actor John Boyega
        Manager Max Goldfarb, Peter McHugh, Eric Robinson (Gotham Group)
        Production Macro
        Studio Netflix
        Per THR - "Set up at Macro, They Cloned Tyrone will mark the directorial debut of Creed 2 writer Juel Taylor, who co-wrote the script alongside Tony Rettenmaier."

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      • The Hay Room Sci-Fi Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Michael Holmes
        A man who is struggling with the financial difficulties that come with caring for his dying wife finds that a UFO has crashed into his barn. He forms a plan to sell off the alien technology to fund his wife's care, but his actions soon attract the attention of the FBI, the Russians, and murderous, greedy businessmen.
      • Willful Blindness Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped Written by Sean Malcolm
        When his old friend is mistakenly arrested and faces execution, an investigative reporter goes undercover to expose a Silicon Valley startup with dangerous new facial recognition technology, only to find himself trapped in a deadly head-game with its brilliant female CEO.
      • The Impresario Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Daniel Leventhal
        Leftist music manager Harold Leventhal represents The Weavers, a socialist folk group that catches the attention of federal authorities, eventually making them all targets of senator Joseph McCarthy and the red scare.
      • Desolation Angel Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 77.9 Written by Damian Hall
        In 1956, young Jack Kerouac nears a make-or-break moment in his career just as addiction takes control of him, so he makes the bold decision to take a solo lookout job on a mountain to try to kick drugs. In a series of dark visions, ghosts of his young life and early career confront him as the temptation to use drugs looms.
      • 11 Bk Das Lane Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Maksud Hossain
        In Bangladesh, a woman trapped in an arranged marriage to a physically and sexually abusive criminal falls in love with her husband's driver. After she becomes pregnant, she and the driver conspire to steal some of her husband's gold and run away together.
      • High Ground Comedy Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped Written by Thomas Thonson
        An incoming massive Tsunami sends a holiday gathering into chaos after the invited family members discover that their wealthy doomsday prepper brother and his family have an escape plan that doesn’t include them.
      • The Hotel Barbers Action Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Daniel Woburn
        In 1923 Australia, a war vet turned farmer, desperate for money, bands together with the disowned son of a wealthy man to impersonate a notorious crime duo: the Hotel Barbers. As the two hatch their heist, they quickly discover they aren't the only ones with nefarious plans in this hotel.
      • Private Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 76.8 Written by Brad Bong
        Based on actual events. When his father's medical condition gets worse, a teenager enlists in the army to help support his family financially, but must keep his sexuality a secret during an era of "Don't Ask, Don't tell."
      • Untitled Jim Thorpe / Pop Warner Project Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Joseph Puterbaugh
        In 1912, after the death of his mother, Jim Thorpe, a member of the Sac and Fox Nation, is sent to a school run by white men that aims to "civilize" and stamp out Native identity. Pop Warner, a former college football coach new to the school, immediately notices Jim's athletic ability, and encourages him to join the football team, and the players fight to win games and prove themselves in the face of racism, as well as retain their Native identities.
      • Codename Danger Action Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Michael Webb
        After a failed mission results in the death of his mentor, a spy now barely getting by as a PI is offered the chance to redeem himself by returning to the trade to locate a missing test pilot. The spy goes undercover and begins investigating, but a shady engineer and his powerful boss are soon on to the man, who must stay one step ahead.