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      • Summering Drama 2020 Available Written by Benjamin Percy & James Ponsoldt
        During the last days of summer and childhood, the weekend before middle school begins, four girls discover a dead body and set off on a journey when they struggle with the harsh truths of growing up and come to terms with saying goodbye.
        Market May 22, 2020
        Director James Ponsoldt
        Agent Andrew Cannava, Allan Haldeman, Bec Smith, Marissa Devins (UTA)
        Manager Brad Petrigala (Ponsoldt) and Britton Rizzio (Percy) & Noah Rosen (Percy) (Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Writ Large )
      • Basic Witches Comedy No Manager 2020 Available Written by Tim Cairo & Jake Gibson & Lauren Lillie
        Three women starting a book club out of spite inadvertently acquire the sacred texts of an ancient witch coven and unlock powers beyond their wildest dreams… but cutting corners has its consequences. Described as THE CRAFT meets BRIDESMAIDS.
        Market May 22, 2020
        Producer Peter Van Steemburg
        Agent Melissa Fried, Parker Davis (Verve)
        Production XYZ Films
      • Saving Esperanza Drama No Agent 2020 Available Written by Betty Sullivan
        While on a business trip in Mexico, a grieving mother hastily decides to save a dying local child from the Cartel. Based on a true story.
        Market May 22, 2020
        Manager Chris Deckard (Fictional Entity)
      • Songbird Action Set Up 2020 Thriller Written by Adam Mason & Simon Boyes
        A pandemic leads to a government conspiracy.
        Market May 22, 2020    Sold May 22, 2020
        Director Adam Mason
        Producer Rick A. Osako, Adam Goodman, Eben Davidson, Jason Clark, Jeanette Brill, Jessica Malanaphy, Mercei A. Brubaker
        Agent Daniel Cohan (ICM Partners)
        Manager Will Rowbotham (3 Arts Entertainment)
        Production Bay Films, Catchlight Flims, Invisible Narratives
        The film is low budget and the funding is in place, but it will be sold at the upcoming Virtual Cannes Market by ICM Partners (which along with 3 Arts reps Mason) and Endeavor Content (WME reps Bay). There is a proof of concept sizzle reel that will be used to sell the picture.
      • Time Zero Action No Agent 2020 Thriller Available Written by Erin Carere & Carlo Carere
        An unfulfilled nuclear engineer wakes up in a hidden chamber, beneath an undisclosed major urban area, shackled to a nuclear bomb set to explode in three hours. To save 18 million people’s live, all she has is a phone and one instruction: convince the U.S. President to kill himself.
        Market May 20, 2020
        Manager Kathy Muraviov (The Muraviov Company)
      • Flight Set Up 2020 Thriller Written by Miles Chapman
        A contained thriller set on an international flight.
        Market May 20, 2020    Sold May 20, 2020
        Director Johannes Roberts
        Producer Akiva Goldsman, Gregory Lessans, Rachel Reznick , James Harris, Mark Lane
        Agent Frank Jung, Joe Cohen (CAA)
        Manager Jeremy Bell (Gotham Group)
        Production Tea Shop Productions, Weed Road Pictures
        Studio Paramount
      • Hounds Comedy Horror No Agent No Manager 2020 Available Written by Lisa Duva
        HOUNDS is a darkly comedic genre piece with elements of AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and BLACK SWAN… the film centers on a young woman in her 20s who is a specialized dog groomer that is also a fanatic about her own beauty. One evening she’s bitten by a vicious feral dog and she thinks she’s recovered until strange things begin to happen and before she knows it…she’s transforming into a wild beast.
        Market May 15, 2020
        Producer Zoey Deutch

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      • The Swells Horror 2019 Available Written by Rachel James
        8 minutes ago
        A young woman, propelled by an unstoppable rage, begins inviting her victims to a summer lake house asrevenge for past wrongs. But when one of her guests has been wronged as well, she passes on The Swells- bringing its wrath to the streets of New York.
        Market December 16, 2019
        Financier Assemble Media
        Production Assemble Media
      • Gunpowder Milkshake Action No Manager Set Up 2018 Written by Ehud Lavski & Navot Papushado
        9 days ago
        Three generations of female assassins come together after a hit goes horribly wrong. What follows is a journey of salvation through the Korean mob, a group of secret puppet masters, small time goons, vicious kidnappes, an estranged mother and... a little girl whose life is on the line.
        Market April 23, 2018    Sold April 23, 2018
        Agent Charles Ferraro, David Kramer (UTA)
        Manager Justin Littman (Gotham Group)
        Studio Studio Canal (Ron Halpern)
        Production The Picture Company (Andrew Rona, Alex Heineman)
        Studio Canal financed it. STX bought it for North American in Feb 2020. Circulation was originally tracked per April 23rd Deadline article. The project was cast up over the next year and shot during Summer 2019.
      • Don't Go In The Water Set Up 2019 Thriller Written by Peter Gaffney
        11 days ago
        A Suspensful Monster Movie.
        Market May 29, 2019    Sold May 29, 2019
        Producer Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Adam Rodin
        Agent David Boxerbaum, Parker Davis (Verve)
        Manager Adam Rodin (Old Soul Entertainment)
        Production 21 Laps
        Studio Universal Pictures
        5-29-2019 - Per Deadline, Universal paid high to mid six figures. Gaffney was previously repped by UTA but is now repped by Verve. This occurred during the ATA-WGA standoff and was the first spec sale since Verve signed the WGA code of conduct.
      • No Good Deed Horror Set Up 2019 Written by Christina Pamies
        15 days ago
        A woman with a troubled past invites her teen niece to live with her in the family’s farm house, but the twobecome tormented by a creature that can take away their pain for a price.
        Market December 16, 2019    Sold December 16, 2019
        Agent David Boxerbaum, Michael Chung, Nicky Mohebbi (Verve Talent and Literary Agency)
        Manager Jake Wagner (Alibi)
        Production Good Deed Entertainment
      • Don't Worry Darling Set Up 2019 Thriller Written by Carey & Shane Van Dyke
        17 days ago
        A psychological thriller about a 1950s housewife whose reality begins to crack, revealing a disturbing truth underneath. Described as a psychological thriller for the Time's Up era.
        Market July 29, 2019    Sold August 12, 2019
        Director Olivia Wilde
        Producer Katie Silberman, Roy Lee, Olivia Wilde
        Agent Trevor Astbury (CAA)
        Manager Aaron Kaplan, Josh Goldenberg (Kaplan/Perrone)
        Production Vertigo Entertainment
        Studio New Line
        4-26-2020 - Cast signs on. Florence Pugh, Shia LaBeouf & Chris Pine. /// 8-12-2019 - Per Deadline, the bidding narrowed to 3 companies and Olivia Wilde has chosen New Line to finance and distribute. /// 7-31-2019 - Had 18 companies bidding on the spec package at one point, including Netflix, Legendary, Blumhouse, and FilmNation, MGM, Apple, and Village Roadshow.

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      • All Art Is Quite Useless Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Jeff Racho
        After his friend takes a photo of a dildo on his work camera, an aspiring artist accidentally turns in the photograph to a gallery, and his provocative new work is hailed as the hottest thing in the local art scene, thus forcing him to struggle to hang on to his newfound fame.
      • Lest More Mischance Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Dave Miller
        In the aftermath of World War II, a German professor is mistaken for a deceased Nazi officer due to his uncanny resemblance to the man. Fleeing Nazi hunters, he reluctantly teams up with other Nazis as he attempts to survive.
      • Pressure Drama Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped Written by S.K. Lind
        Struggling with an affair with a past lover, a successful architect and family man finds himself in the crosshairs of a government conspiracy involving murder and money.
      • The Way Of The Jerk Rom-Com Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Rob Greenberg
        A nice guy who can’t seem to find a relationship undergoes a seminar from which he emerges as an abrasive yet confident man whose rude behavior miraculously allows him to attract women. However, when he manages to start a relationship with a longtime crush, he struggles to go back to his nice guy persona.
      • Swim Home Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by David Ragsdale
        A teenage girl’s family life is upended when her mother moves her to a new state. While there, she’s bullied while attempting to hone her skills as a swimmer in preparation for an upcoming competition.
      • Bad Souls Drama Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped Written by Manny Basanese
        Faced with the rising threat of a psychotic young bully, a young girl and her family find themselves becoming more and more paranoid until a brutal murder occurs.
      • The Steel Lotus Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped Written by Jeff Walkley
        Thirteen years after an aunt failed at kidnapping his daughter, a pathologically overprotective father is so obsessed with the teenager’s safety that he kills people in risky situations made to look like accidents in order to prove to her that the world is full of danger. When the aunt reconnects with the girl and the police start investigating some of the questionable accidents, the man’s tenuous grip on his secrets and mental health becomes threatened.
      • Semiotics Action Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Jeff Walkley
        A young aspiring graffiti artist is mentored by a gifted tagger. As the two become close, the young man learns that his mentor is a drug dealer who's gotten in over his head with his supplier.
      • The Hotel Barbers Action Drama Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped Written by Daniel Woburn
        A scheming heir to a construction empire and a veteran attempting to prove himself to his family team up to rob a hotel and blame the crime on an infamous criminal duo. Little do they know, those very criminals conspire to be at the same target location.
      • The Reunion Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Oskar Karash
        After returning to his home country to reunite with his former cover band members and track down the one who got away, a man is shocked to find that his former love is now with the man who tore them apart decades ago.