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      • Forty Minutes In March Drama Available Written by Michael Schatz
        On March 15, 1963, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament hosted a game between Mississippi State and Loyola of Chicago. The game is one of the most memorable sporting events in the civil rights movement. It served as a vehicle to challenge racial segregation in athletics and helped to forever change college basketball and advance civil rights in this country.
        Market October 15, 2018
        Manager Jeff Portnoy (Bellevue Productions)
        Agent David Boxerbaum (Verve)
        Production John Wells Productions
      • Sugar Rush Comedy No Agent Available Written by Ben Agron & Brandon Feldman
        Four dads lose their kids while trick-or-treating on Halloween night and must embark on a perilous mission to find them before the moms get home in the morning.
        Market October 15, 2018
        Executive Jon Hersh
        Manager Jon Hersh (Housefire Management)
      • The Boyfriend Whisperer Comedy No Agent Available Written by Danielle Messerschmidt
        In order to save her dog training business from going under, a young woman begins teaching other women how to train their men with the same techniques used to train dogs. When her method goes viral and becomes an overnight sensation that starts a national trend, she struggles to prevent her newfound fame from destroying her closest relationships.
        Market October 11, 2018
        Manager Jeff Portnoy (Bellevue Productions)
      • Hack/slash Action Thriller Available Written by John Swetnam
        Based on the best-selling and iconic comic book by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli, Cassie Hack travels the world hunting and destroying slashers and saving endangered teenagers.
        Market October 9, 2018
        Producer Adrian Askarieh, Daniel Alter
        Manager Michael Botti (Industry Entertainment)
        Agent David Boxerbaum, Pamela Goldstein (Verve)
      • The Engagement Action Comedy No Agent Available Written by Josh Hallman
        An ambitious CIA officer’s life is flipped when he learns that the notorious assassins he’s hunting are his future mother and father-in-law.
        Market October 8, 2018
        Agent Amy Beecroft, David Boxerbaum (Verve)
        Manager John Zaozirny (Bellevue Productions)
      • Air Drama Available Written by Jordan Trippeer
        A young girl in Southern India grows up as a slave in a sweatshop, where she creates an alternate world for herself and her friends as their only means of escape from the daily abuse they’re forced to suffer. Through the lens of magical realism, AIR is an important and timely take on modern slavery.
        Market October 4, 2018
        Manager Sydney Blanke (Fourth Wall Management)
        Agent Ryan Levee (Abrams Artists Agency)
      • Wink Comedy Set Up Written by Brad Desch
        A daughter takes over her mother’s social media profiles to help find her a boyfriend.
        Market September 28, 2018    Sold October 5, 2018
        Producer Joby Harold, Lucy Barzun Donnelly, Tory Tunnell
        Executive Alexandra Kerry, Matt Schwartz, Niija Kuykendall, Sheila Walcott
        Manager Jonathan Berry, Will Rowbotham (3 Arts Entertainment)
        Agent Bryan Diperstein, Harley Copen, Melissa Orton (ICM Partners)
        Studio Warner Bros. Pictures
        Production Locomotive, Safehouse Pictures

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      • Health And Wellness Set Up 2017 Thriller Written by Joe Epstein
        11 days ago
        A sociopath obsessed with self-improvement claws her way to the top of the fitness world, leaving a trail of broken bodies in her wake.
        Market May 10, 2017    Sold December 11, 2017
        Actor Anne Hathaway, Rachel O'Connor
        Producer Amy Pascal
        Manager Ken Gross (Ken Gross Management )
        Agent Darian Lanzetta (CAA)
        Studio Tristar Productions
        Production Pascal Pictures
      • Cold Country Drama Set Up 2017 Written by Micah Ranum
        16 days ago
        A buck-hunting competition and unexpected pregnancy start a war between two families that envelopes an entire Minnesota town.
        Market October 11, 2017    Sold November 10, 2017
        Actor Bryan Unkeless
        Producer Scott Morgan
        Agent Greg Pedicin, Danny Toth (Gersh)
        Manager Jeremy Platt, Antonio D’Intino (Plattform)
        Distributor Clubhouse Pictures
      • Take Back The Night Set Up 2017 Thriller Written by Ryan Riley
        25 days ago
        Two vampires fight to protect their livelihood from the monsters who invaded their farm searching for the only human left on earth: their daughter.
        Market November 2, 2017    Sold November 15, 2017
        Producer James DeMonaco, Sebastien Lemercier
        Agent Charles Ferraro (UTA)
        Manager Brooklyn Weaver (Energy Entertainment)
        Production New Regency, Man in a Tree
        11-15-2017 - Was said to be a competitive situation. Unclear if New Regency intends to finance the movie.
      • Meat Horror 2017 Thriller Written by Logan Martin
        35 days ago
        A misanthropic man notices bizarre changes in himself, his wife, and the animals inhabiting the territory around their homestead as they attempt to survive self-imposed isolation.
        Market October 13, 2017    Sold November 17, 2017
        Producer Jack Heller
        Manager Jake Wagner, Scott Stoops (Good Fear Film + Management)
        Agent Charles Ferraro, Jordan Lonner (UTA)
        Studio Assemble Media
      • Don't Be Evil Drama Set Up 2017 Written by Etta Devine, Evan Bates & Gabriel Diani
        84 days ago
        The quirky dramatization of the founders and philosophy behind Google.
        Market October 29, 2017    Sold December 8, 2017
        Producer Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Christian Baha
        Executive Negin Salmasi
        Agent Keya Khayatian, Jordan Lonner (UTA)
        Manager Harry Lengsfield, Sam Warren (LBI Entertainment)
        Production See-Saw Films
        The spec was sought after by several companies before See-Saw finally landed the rights. UTA and LBI brokered the deal.

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      Most Recent Scouted
      • Painting With Metro Scouted Available Unrepped 75 Written by Ron Krajewski
        A struggling artist and a retired racehorse gain national attention and help each other gain a new lease on life after the artist teaches the horse how to paint.
      • The Melrose Jazz Club Drama No Agent Scouted Available 77.7 Written by Bob Bland
        A brilliant jazz musician, after receiving a devastating diagnosis of MS, must put his faith in an untrained yet talented young female pianist to defeat his arch rival in a most prestigious national jazz competition.
        Manager The Robb Company (Sherry Robb)
      • Heathens Drama No Agent Scouted Thriller Available 75.4 Written by Mike Doyle
        Based on a True Story. Circa 1970s, a dysfunctional narco cop, suspended for unruly behavior, is tapped to go undercover to infiltrate a motorcycle gang that's suspected of stealing weapons from a military depot, but once inside he discovers the much darker truth of this organization, which ultimately puts his own family in jeopardy.
        Manager Kailey Marsh (Kailey Marsh Media)
      • Rise Of The Unusuals Action Scouted Available Unrepped 76.9 Written by James Connor
        After seeing his best friend killed by a shapeshifting superhuman, a wounded former Navy Seal is lead to a mysterious yoga ashram who has ties to this deadly assassin, and uses their training to overcome his physical disabilities and gains superpowers himself.
      • Kashmiriyat (aka The Infidel) Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 80.8 Written by Ashish Mehta
        After losing her husband and son to Islamist extremism in late 1980s Kashmir, a tough Kashmiri Muslim nurse decides to harbor and protect two wounded Indian army deserters on the run from their superiors and militants, placing her life in extreme jeopardy.
      • The Thinker Arises Action Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 75.1 Written by Jonathan Edward Young
        Paris, 1887. A street tough battles his way to fame and inspires the world’s most famous sculpture, but must choose between his glamorous new life or saving the poor he left behind from extermination.
      • State Of Love And Dodge Scouted Available Unrepped 75 Written by Louis Palma
        A consummate freeloader has to see his favorite band headline a sold-out concert in Seattle, but his ride is suicidal and the tickets are in the hands of the last thing he needs.
      • Requited Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 75.4 Written by Bill Johnston
        A former lawman turned lawyer uses his knowledge and courtroom experience to defend the last of his family against a ruthless land baron. When his violent past comes to light, he is forced to choose what he has become and what he once was in order to make thing right.
      • Bonds Of Betrayal - 2016 Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped 78.9 Written by Dimitra Demetriades
        A grieving detective is tasked with solving the murder of a woman's ex husband, with their daughter as the prime suspect. As he goes deeper into the mystery, he discovers a connection between the case, and an accident that took the life of his former lover months ago.
      • Hunted No Agent Scouted Set Up 2016 Thriller 77.8 Written by Matt Sinnreich
        Hunted is a contained thriller about a man who helps an isolated farm girl escape a clan of blood-thirsty religious zealots, only to discover the shocking reason why they’ve picked her as their sacrifice.
        Market October 13, 2015    Sold March 15, 2016
        Director Matt Sinnreich
        Producer Douglas Banker, Marina Bespalov, Moshe Diamant, Bernie Gewissler, Michael Tadross Jr., Brooklyn Weaver, Danny Roth
        Manager Brooklyn Weaver (Energy)
        Production Tadross Media Group, Parkside Pictures
        Financier Aldamisa