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New On The Market
  • Go Dark Available Action Sci-Fi Thriller Spencer Marentette & Josh Marentette
    A team of black-ops soldiers use an experimental technology to travel into the afterlife and rescue their dead teammate.
    Market: Sun, 25 Jul 2021
    AgentJordan Lonner, Michael Sauvage (UTA)
    ManagerBen Neumann, Alex Lerner (Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)
  • The Arena Available Action Thriller Jeremy Passmore & Andre Fabrizio
    When random members of a small mountain town in Norman Rockwell’s America suddenly dress up in outrageous costumes on day and start killing each other with whatever weapons they can get their hands on, it’s up to the local sheriff to figure out what’s happening to put a stop to it.
    Market: Sun, 25 Jul 2021
    AgentAdam Levin, Manal Hammad, David Boxerbaum, Kyle Jensen (Verve)
    ManagerAdam Goldworm (Aperture Entertainment)
  • Circle of Confusion Available No Agent Drama Debbie Kennard And Lindsay Foster
    Within the news, censorship is a reality to coddle the masses, but one news team will stop at nothing to reveal the truth.
    Market: Sun, 18 Jul 2021
    ManagerShanese Williams (Bright One Management)
  • HI/LO Available Thriller Eric Martin
    Alongside her crew of operators, Edie is the most influential casino host in Las Vegas and wields power with an iron fist over the top fictional casino of Cache. When the prominent casino magnate who owns Cache comes to town, Edie begins her secret campaign for a promotion up to the ritzy corporate office that she quickly realizes may be just out of her reach. Over the course of one night, Edie must deal with unruly guests, secrets from her past, a malicious crime boss, and an ex-boyfriend all the while trying to secure a future that’s quickly slipping through her fingers.
    Market: Fri, 16 Jul 2021
    AgentBrandon Lawrence, Bryant Barile, Matt Martin (CAA)
    ManagerAdam S. Marshall (Management 360)
  • The Prodigy Available Action Drama Andrew Waller & Michael Gagerman
    Motele Schlein, a 12-year-old violinist, is orphaned by the Nazis in World War II and taken in by a group of resistance fighters. Motele infiltrates a Nazi Officer’s club as a musician and engages in daring acts of espionage, ultimately smuggling explosives into the club and blowing it up. His efforts help defeat the Germans on the Eastern Front and avenge the death of his family.
    Market: Fri, 16 Jul 2021
    AgentBryan Diperstein, Daniel Cohan (ICM Partners)
    ManagerAlex Goldstone (Anonymous Content)
  • Still of the Night Available No Agent Horror Matt Morgan
    The year is 1959 — all appears normal as a full moon shines over picture-perfect, “any town USA,” back when, you know, America was supposedly “great”… that is until a teenage girl discovers the monstrous secret locked in her basement, one that threatens to unravel her idyllic town, her cookie-cutter family, and her very own identity.
    Market: Fri, 16 Jul 2021
    ManagerLucy Stutz, Anne Damato (Rain Management)
  • Bestie Available No Agent Horror Thriller Alex J. Mann
    A teenage girl buys a mobile app which she thinks will help make her more popular, but instead unleashes a supernatural force that upends her life.
    Market: Wed, 14 Jul 2021
    Producer: Ross Siegel
    ManagerRoss Siegel (Altogether Entertainment)
    ProductionAltogether Entertainment
Recent Coverage
  • The Shells Available Thriller 2020 Adrienne Love6 hours ago
    Story details are being kept under wraps.
    Market: Fri, 16 Oct 2020
    AgentAllie Cohen, Brandon Finkelstein, Jon Cassir, Jiah Shin & Praveen Pandian (CAA)
    ManagerErick Mendoza & Jeremy Platt (Grandview)
  • Boys of Summer Available Thriller 2020 Bryan Schulz & Cornelius Uliano14 hours ago
    When his best friend is mysteriously taken, a local boy begins to suspect that a supernatural entity may be hunting the children of Martha’s Vineyard. After seeking the help of an aging detective, they soon discover they’re on the path of a witch who has recently retired to their island.
    Market: Fri, 16 Oct 2020
    AgentAdam Perry & Chris Ridenhour (APA) , Ryan Cunningham (Anonymous Content)
  • The Changed Available No Agent Action Thriller 2020 Chris Luccy15 hours ago
    When a new pandemic breaks out in post-COVID America that mutates people into indestructible killing machines, MICHAEL SULLIVAN, a mild-mannered philosophy professor, and his family of four take shelter in the rural childhood home he ran away from years ago. After several run-ins with the creatures terrorizing the town and people from his past, Michael soon realizes that there’s nowhere safe to run and that the only way out is taking a stand. A QUIET PLACE meets US.
    Market: Wed, 21 Oct 2020
    ManagerAaron Kaplan, Josh Goldenberg (Kaplan/Perrone)
  • Boyfriend Material Available No Agent Horror 2020 Becca Noble19 hours ago
    When a young woman visits her boyfriend’s friends at a remote cabin in the Sierra Nevadas, she discovers that one of the friends is a murderer.
    Market: Sun, 13 Sep 2020
    ManagerAndrew Murphy, Ben Neuman (Kaplan/Perrone)
    ProductionUnique Features
  • Let's Go Crazy Available No Agent Comedy Drama 2020 Barry Battles & Nir Paniry21 hours ago
    When a diverse group of teens find the singer-songwriter Prince lying in a Chicago scrap yard, injured and suffering from amnesia, they take it upon themselves to help the troubled rockstar remember who he is, uncover a plot to kill him, and inadvertently inspire him to create his greatest album, “Purple Rain.”
    Market: Tue, 08 Sep 2020
    ManagerJeff Portnoy (Bellevue Productions)
Recent Scouted
  • Out On Your Back Unrepped Available Action Comedy Scouted 73.7 Riley Wood
    A security guard and the pro-wrestler who once broke the security guard's back struggle to set aside their differences to stop a group of armed men and women from robbing the bank the guard works for.
  • Doc Band-Aid Unrepped Available Drama Scouted 76.9 Bob Bland
    When a homeless Vietnam vet, having hit rock bottom, catches a glimpse of his long-lost love from the war, but cannot bring himself to approach her, he is compelled to rebuild  his life and maybe get one last chance at happiness.
  • The Infidel Unrepped Available Drama Scouted 80.8 Ashish Mehta
    In 1989, a humble Muslim nurse is forced to watch her husband killed by controlling Muslim insurgents, and her son defect to their cause in a desperate attempt to keep from being exiled by the Indian government that seeks the exile of Muslims. After finding a pair of injured Indian army deserters in her home, the nurse agrees to look after them until her son returns, but when her teenage neighbor finds out and tries to help, the tragic consequences of their actions affect both families for decades to come.
  • Foreign Movie Unrepped Available Comedy Scouted Mitch Klebanoff
    Based on a true story. A has-been film director gets the opportunity to make a martial arts film in Korea, but is unaware that the film is being funded by the Korean Mafia, and has to deal with belligerent crew members and a slimy producer.
  • The Whisperers Unrepped Available Horror Drama Scouted 78.2 Travis J. Opgenorth
    A man is intent on exposing mediums as frauds after his wife dies by suicide after a seance. He receives an invitation to the remote house of two sisters who are famous mediums and is determined to expose them as frauds, but finds his ability to distinguish con from true magic grows hazy as visions of his wife appear.
  • The Conclave Unrepped Available Action Comedy Scouted 72.8 Edward Hicklin
    When the pope, embroiled in scandal due to his alcoholism and racism, suddenly dies, the Catholic Church struggles to find a new pope. After the Conclave whittles down the nominees to seven, one of the men is murdered in the papal apartments. The remaining nominees suspect one another of the crime and struggle to uncover who is responsible without letting the outside world know that the Church has another scandal on its hands.
  • The Prior Life of Emily Stone No Manager Drama Scouted 75.2 Keith Samples
    While investigating a psychiatrist who treats patients by revealing their past lives, a young reporter becomes convinced that many of her personal problems stem from a past life in which she was murdered.
    AgentRob Kenneally (CAA)
  • The Deer Eater Unrepped Available Comedy Horror Scouted 71.2 Riley Wood
    A man goes to meet his fiancée’s family and finds himself confronted by a rougarou, a werewolf-like creature that takes the form of the fiancée’s brother and threatens to kill the family if the young man reveals its identity.
  • Together Available No Agent Drama Scouted 73.4 Tony Scott
    After his wife suffers an aortic dissection and is placed into assisted living, an elderly man strikes up a close friendship with a woman whose husband is suffering from Alzheimer's.
    ManagerBrandon Drea (Paper Plane Entertainment.)
  • Long Live John Africa Unrepped Available Drama Scouted 70.7 Sean Slater
    A black revolutionary adopts the name John Africa and sparks a movement that results in the most extreme case of police brutality in American history. Based on true events.