• The Unraveling

  • Melvin M. Moore
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 70.1
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After the death of her journalist sister, a lawyer dealing with PTSD nightmares and an alcohol addiction finds that she was looking into some cold cases and begins to suspect that her sister was killed to hide a dark secret connecting the murders.
An insurance investigator plagued by nightmares looks into the death of her sister and uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy that involves the systematic targeting and murder of various women.
After her journalist sister dies, a lawyer is unconvinced that it was a suicide. Soon after, the victim’s girlfriend is killed, too, so the lawyer reluctantly teams up with a doctor specializing in psychology and hypnotherapy to look into the sister’s work on a series of possible cold murder cases.
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Conspiracy, Mental Illness, Dysfunctional Family, Psychological Thriller, Father/Daughter, Killer, Law/Legal, Lawyer, Private Investigator
The Whole Truth, State of Play, Kiss the Girls, Mystic River
Present day - A Few Weeks
100% Urban America - wealthy estate, law offices, newspaper office, morgue, bar
EMLYN TAYLOR (28), a civil defense attorney, visits her sister ALYSSA TAYLOR (26), an investigative journalist, at her apartment. Both sisters are cold to one another, and Emlyn accuses Alyssa of not returning her calls. Emlyn asks about Alyssa’s medication, and Alyssa kicks Emlyn out. Alyssa's girlfriend, GINA GORDON (26), then presses Alyssa to tell Emlyn about a secret she’s been keeping.

Emlyn heads to work alongside investigator LUCIA CRUZ (30). They meet with GEORGE ASHER (50) and BLAKE MASON (45). George and Blake shut down Emlyn’s accusations of a rape committed by Asher and Mason’s client against her own client. They determine Bradford is referencing false memories. Emlyn is given a number to settle, but she is unhappy about it.

Emlyn brings the settlement amount to ANGELICA BRADFORD (40), who is heartbroken that Emlyn is not in a position to help her due to Emlyn having doubts that Bradford’s memory of the events is valid.

Elsewhere, Alyssa sits in her car. She calls Emlyn to tell her something, but she reaches Emlyn’s voicemail. A man named GABRIEL (40) appears and comes towards her. She is pursued by Gabriel and runs off the road, crashing down on a lower highway beneath. She...