• Stronger, Harder, Faster, Longer

  • Stephan Vanwoezik
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 70.5
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Seduced by a troubled exotic dancer and the allure of a lucrative black market, a Spec Ops Bomb Tech risks his military career smuggling meth onto the island of Guam.
After falling in love with an addict, a dedicated soldier becomes addicted to drugs and risks his career in order to traffic drugs to Guam, where he lives.
A man in Guam in the Navy falls for an exotic dancer and deals with a debilitating meth addiction.
A military man begins taking and selling drugs after he meets a dancer whom he falls hard for and wants to start a life with.
Character Study, Action, Drama, Drugs, Military, Addiction, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Criminal, Soldier, Violence/Violent
Jarhead, The Basketball Diaries, Rush, American Made, Beautiful Boy
Early 2000s/Roughly a Few Months
Guam, Iraq, Bay, Nightclubs, Downtown, Residential Homes, Roads, Desert, Hill, Military Bases, Airport, Restaurant, Tiki Hut, Apartments, Farms, Cafes, Tents, Junkyard, Courthouse, Tijuana, etc.
In Guam, 2003, DEAN EVANS (30s) goes to a club. He trains with JOHNNY LOMAN (40s), and later goes out to a strip club full of dancers. He fixates on JANA (30s), a sexy Polynesian dancer who flirts with him. Later, Dean texts his dad and gets no response.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dean, Terence, and Johnny go to Western Iraq. After an explosion, BOBBIE (20s), lies on the navigator, with PORK CHOP (20s) — both nearly unconscious.

Dean injects steroids and trains intensely. BASE CAPTAIN (40s) talks to them. Later, after another attack, Terence dies.

On Thanksgiving, back in Guam, Johnny and his wife ANGELA (40s) talk to Dean, and Dean watches all the other couples — he is practically the only one without a significant other. Later, Jana tells Dean she does not normally date military guys, but shows him a picture of her daughter TABITHA (11).

Dean goes to training at Los Alamos. The Trainees gather by an Indian scientist SANJAY (30s).

Dean and Jana go out again. Dean does crystal meth while he sees Jana doing it. He is later tempted to smoke it when she does. When Dean learns of the price of drugs in Guam vs. at home,...