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  • Damian Hall
  • Unrepped
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  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 74.7
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Two marginalized, low-income women strike up a friendship on the streets of 1980s Portland, forming a transgressive punk rock band. As they chase success, the personal traumas of their pasts and the rampant sexism around them threaten to destroy the bond they've built.
Two women start a band that becomes the beginning of the riot grrrl movement in the late '80s - early '90s.
In 1980s Portland, a spirited but troubled young rocker works at a dingy strip club when she meets a musically talented runaway, and the two quickly bond over aspirations of punk rock stardom. They form a band and become known for their unapologetically angry, feminist message, but as their success grows, tensions and drug addictions create a rift that threatens everything they’ve worked for.
Female Protagonist, Drama, Period, LGBTQ, Dark, Mental Illness, Urban, Music, Social Commentary, Love Triangle, Dysfunctional Family, Addiction, Alcoholism, Female, Friends/Friendship, Mother/Daughter, Performer, Singer
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains; All Over Me; Nowhere Boy; The Runaways; Sid and Nancy; Her Smell
70% Portland, Oregon, including: a club, house, cafe, apartment, stage. 30% Other, including: a tour van, photo studio, Berlin stage
PORTLAND 1986: CARSON (24) and JACK (28) write songs. Carson goes to stay with Jack after her FATHER (57) kicks her out. After speaking with her boss, LEO (55), at a strip club, Carson saves JOLIE (20), a guitarist, from being attacked. They bond over music, and Carson asks Jolie to join her band. At a club, the women meet PAT (26), a journalist. Carson is attracted to Pat, but he likes Jolie, which makes Carson jealous. Drummer CORINNE (23) joins the band. They begin to advertise and play shows. One show, “RICH KIDS" begin heckling Carson and Jolie for stripping, and a near-riot ensues.

After escaping an ATTACKER (MAN), Jolie tells Carson. Carson kisses Jolie, who gently rebuffs Carson’s advances. Carson delivers a demo to a club MANAGER (?), and that leads to an opening gig. Jolie offers to help look for Carson’s mother. Carson discovers that her father kept letters from her mother from her. GOLDSMITH (50s), a band manager, sees Cathouse perform and wants to represent them. Pat warns Jolie that Goldsmith is a snake, and he proposes to her. Jolie tells the band she’s not going on tour with them after Pat gives her an ultimatum. Pat breaks up with Jolie when...