• Boom the Conqueror

  • Ana R. Dominick
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 75.8
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A wily 8-year-old girl and a grizzly fisherman team up on an epic odyssey across the world to find her Mama in Australia while being hunted by an obsessive Social Services Agent hellbent on bagging the girl first.
An intelligent young girl sets off on a journey to Australia to seek out her long-lost mother, and along the way, she teams up with and bonds with a cantankerous fisherman.
After her grandfather dies, a young girl goes to Sydney to find her mother, who left her almost a decade ago. With her Child Protective Services agent hot on her tail, the girl meets a grizzled fisherman who reluctantly agrees to help her for a cash reward of a thousand dollars.
After her grandfather and sole custodian dies, a spirited eight-year-old girl from Mojave, CA, endeavors to get to Sydney, Australia to find the mother she only knows from a video. She starts off alone, but soon enlists the begrudging assistance of a reclusive oddball who aims to steal his repossessed boat back, setting them up to cross the sea, tracked the whole time by an obsessive social worker who wants to put the girl in foster care.
Mainstream (studio), Female Protagonist, Comedy, Drama, Road Movies, Feel Good/Uplifting, Ensemble Cast, Travel, Dysfunctional Family, Chase, Daughter, Heartwarming, Journey, Mother, Mother/Daughter, Motherhood, Parent, Parenthood, Secrets
North, Life of Pi, Logan, Leave No Trace, Mud, Joe, Captain Fantastic, Paper Moon
Contemporary, Roughly a Week
Mojave Desert, Highway, Residential Homes, Lake, Bus Stop, Desert, Dock, Ocean, Australia, Bushland, Ranch, RV Park, Badlands, Farmhouse
BOOMERANG “BOOM” JONES (8) watches a video of her birthday party, where her MAMA (30), who’s left her due to drug use, wishes her a happy birthday. GRANDPA (79) takes care of Boom. SIGOURNEY "SIG" VICCI (40), an agent for Child Protective Services, comes to check on Boom. Grandpa dies, and Boom decides to go to Sydney to find her mama. STANLEY HUD (40) gets in a fight at a bar when Boom is harassed.
Boom boards a San Pedro bus with Stanley. Sig tracks down the bus plates. Boom hitchhikes, and BUCK TOOTH BRAD (55) gives them a ride. Meanwhile, Sig tracks down the bus driver who gave Boom a ride.
Boom and Stanley get dropped off, and Stanley gets back to his boat, “Betty,” which he wants to sell. Boom asks some people for transportation, but no one helps her. She then sneaks onto “Betty.” On the boat, Stanley teaches Boom to fish and saves Boom when geyser bubbles rock the boat and she goes overboard.

They catch a hammerhead shark and eat it. Boom begins to teach Stanley to read. Stanley outruns some pirates chasing them. A wave strikes “Betty.” Stanley finds and watches Boom’s VHS of her mother and accidentally...