• Tipping Point

  • Alan Reid
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 72.2
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After meeting and being in a relationship with an environmental activist, a grieving widower working for an oil company begins questioning his role in preserving Earth for future generations. He makes plans to try and prove that not enough is being done to get renewable energy up and running.
A talented engineer for an energy company starts to have doubts about his employer when he crosses paths with an environmental activist group that includes his children’s teacher. He devotes his time and insight to the group’s efforts as he gets to know her, even suggesting a bold protest plan, but has to balance what he can and can’t achieve for the cause at his job, creating professional and moral dilemmas.
In Aberdeen, Scotland, an engineer at an oil company still grieving his late wife falls for an environmental activist who gets him involved in protests.
Drama, Romance, Foreign Locale, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Environment, Father, Government, Relationship
White / European
The Constant Gardener, The Best Enemies, The East, Night Moves, The Insurgents
Present/A few months
Primary school, car park, street, protest march, church, etc.
In Aberdeen, Scotland, REENI MESTRY (early 30s), a woman of Indian heritage, teaches at a primary school. IZZY and YAZ BLUME (6) answer questions. MARSHA GOODWIN (30s) takes over the class as Reeni leaves and avoids the HEADMISTRESS (50s).

At Cenergy Oil and Gas, HARRY BLUME (40) wears a virtual reality headset. STUART (30s), an operator on the platform, wears a 360-degree camera and headphones on his hard hat. Harry coaches him on how to approach a leak at the offshore platform. Harry uses A.I. Enhancement and Zoom. ALEX (40s), a Power Technician, enters a room filled with electrical switchgear. He switches to views of different employees, and gets the leak stopped. He is snarky with JONATHAN (30s), who was responsible for budget cuts that risked safety.

A passionate group of TIPPING POINT DISRUPTORS gathers; EVELYN (60s) paints red tears on their cheeks. Reeni arrives and joins, transforming into a Disruptor. Inside Cenergy, EAMONN (40s) gets an alert about the protestors. Harry is encircled by the haunting Dancing protestors, including Reeni.

The next day, Harry goes to Reeni’s primary school and introduces himself as the father of the twins. He recognizes her, and they debate. Later, at home, his father...