• Regime Change

  • Jesse Axelrod
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Scouted
  • 75
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Two childhood friends and diehard basketball fans, one a locker room attendant and the other a disgraced CIA agent, are disheartened to learn that the New York Knicks’ clueless billionaire owner aims to move the team to Tampa. In an effort to sabotage the sale, they start digging for compromising materials against the man, soon discovering evidence that he might, in fact, be a foreign spy.
Two childhood best friends and devoted New York Knicks fans try to do whatever it takes to stop the team’s owner from moving the team to Florida.
A disgraced CIA agent and his ball-boy friend attempt to overthrow the corrupt owner of their beloved New York Knicks in order to stop him from moving the team to Tampa Bay.
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Buddy, Espionage/Spy, Broad Comedy, Dark Comedy, Basketball, CIA, Espionage, Friends/Friendship, Guns, Spy, Suspenseful
CIA, Spy, Barry (TV), Johnny English, Get Smart, Moon Over Parador, Fever Pitch, Central Intelligence
Present Day - A Few Weeks
90% New York, 10% Middle East - MSG, bar, apartments, warehouse, subway station
In 1998, Knicks owner HOWARD DOYLE (60s) cheers on his team with his daughter IRENE (15). Best friends MITCH BANKS (12) and KENNY REYNOLDS (12) cheer on the team higher up in the stands. In 2010, Howard dies and Peter takes control of the team against his wishes. Peter’s egotistical, incompetent ownership leads the team to perpetual failure. In the present day, Mitch sings Miley Cyrus during a spy operation in Sudia while guided by RAJIB (20s). Mitch is such a Knicks superfan that he watches the game while evading operatives. Mitch skillfully escapes by motorcycle jumping to a chopper. Meanwhile, Peter helps PRESIDENT HARPER with his election and gains access to government Intelligence resources. The President tells Peter about his dildo nuke. Peter investigates the nuke and finds documents relating to Mitch’s operations in Sudia. Kenny works as a ball-boy. He helps player ANTOINE MORRIS (30s) with his game. Coach doesn’t take Kenny’s input, despite how it helps Antoine. His girlfriend Becca dumps him because of his lack of success. Mitch arrives and asks to hang out with Kenny, avoiding the news about Sudia. Peter announces he’s moving the Knicks to Florida. He tries to convince Mitch to help...