• Kengir

  • Billy Festorazzi
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 75.7
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Prisoners at a Soviet concentration camp in 1954 Kazakhstan band together to overthrow their captors. Among them is a prisoner who is torn between his belief in the rebellion and his desire to escape to freedom with his lover.
In the 1950s, a group of prisoners in a Soviet camp struggle to keep control of the camp after they successfully revolt against the brutal conditions the guards force them to live under.
In the 1950s Soviet Union, at a work camp in Kengir, Kazakhstan, many men are held prisoner and attempt to escape their poor conditions.
Drama, Thriller, War, Dark, Prison, Tragedy, Ensemble Cast, Social Commentary, Historical, Betrayal, Death, Guns, Nazi, Suspenseful, True Story, Violence/Violent
White / European
The Cannibal (1991), 100 Minutes (2021), Sobibor, Escape from Stalin’s Death Camp, Escape from Sobibor, Blood and Glory, The Grand Illusion, Hunger
Majority Soviet Prison Camp in Kengir, Kazakhstan: Service Yard, Camp Huts, Construction Site, Abandoned Workshop, etc.Other: Lviv Train Station, Lviv City Centre, etc.
In February 1953, prisoners of a Soviet camp eat a meager meal of bread. HADEON (38) accuses PAVEL (21), who divided the bread among the prisoners, of not splitting the bread evenly. DYMYTRO (28) tries to keep the peace to no avail. Irritated with the argument, KAPITON (31), a former Red Army lieutenant, gives Hadeon some of his bread.

Later that day, the prisoners are summoned to the prison camp checkpoint. WOJCIECH (27) convinces Pavel to stay behind and avoid going to the checkpoint with the other prisoners. Those who go to the checkpoint learn from GENERAL BOCHKOV (48) that Joseph Stalin is dead. While the prisoners secretly celebrate, General Bochkov and the prison guards discuss what Khrushchev’s rule might mean for them. The guards fear losing power and decide to brutalize the prisoners.

The next night, Hadeon is given the responsibility of cutting the bread. The guards beat and arrest him before he can do so. The others are denied food. The following meal, the prisoner chosen to cut the bread is killed, and Kapiton is beaten.

Meanwhile, a prisoner, GLIB (18), has trained a pigeon to deliver letters between the men's and women’s camps. Glib, Dymytro, and PETRO (34) have all fallen in love with...