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      • Iss Drama No Agent 2020 Thriller Available Written by Nick Shafir
        When a world war event occurs on Earth, America and Russia find themselves on opposing sides. As such, both nations secretly contact their astronauts aboard the ISS and give them instructions to “take control of the station by any means necessary.” The six astronauts must each secretly choose between their friendships with each other and their allegiance to their country.
        Market July 3, 2020
        Manager Cameron Cubbison (Zero Gravity Management)
      • American Rust Action Sci-Fi 2020 Available Written by Christine Lavaf & Fritz Bohm
        When his creators remove him from active duty, outdated cyborg super-soldier Peter Hendricks goes on a rogue mission to retrieve his wife before she falls into the hands of his assailants.
        Market July 3, 2020
        Agent Kyle Loftus (Lavaf), Mike Goldberg (Lavaf) , Sheryl Petersen (Lavaf) (APA)
        Manager Lee Stobby (Bohm) (Lee Stobby Entertainment)
      • David's Brook Comedy No Manager 2020 Thriller Available Written by Jake Duerden
        A reclusive tech billionaire invites the cast of her favorite 90s teen-drama to shoot a reunion episode on an immaculately reconstructed set — though the cast quickly learns that their eccentric super-fan might have ulterior motives.
        Market July 3, 2020
        Agent Julia Glausi (CAA)
      • Hands Up Horror 2020 Thriller Available Written by Barry Stiglets
        After the removal of a Confederate monument in Mississippi, the hands of a young black boy are brutally removed by white supremacists as revenge and those hands seek vengeance.
        Market June 26, 2020
        Agent Lance Dow (Eris Talent Agency )
      • Only Children 2020 Thriller Available Written by David White & T.J. Cimfel
        After a popular mommy blogger discovers her recently deceased son has become an online sensation, she becomes locked in an escalating battle with an obsessed fan.
        Market June 26, 2020
        Agent Danny Toth & Mark Hartogsohn (Gersh), Marc Manus (World Builder Entertainment)
      • The Sleepover Game No Manager 2020 Available Written by Aaron Eisenberg & Will Eisenberg
        Four twenty-somethings rekindle their childhood friendship on Halloween Eve when a childhood fortune-telling game they finally complete places each of their futures into question.
        Market June 26, 2020
        Producer Will Arnett
        Agent Brian Boone, Frank Jung, Jordan Berg & Stevee Jo Eads (CAA)
        Production Big Breakfast, Electric Avenue, Artists First
      • The Come Up Comedy Set Up 2020 Written by Michael Starrbury
        Story details are being kept under wraps but is described as FRIDAY meets OCEANS 11.
        Market June 26, 2020    Sold June 26, 2020
        Producer John Rickard
        Executive Jermaine Fowler
        Director Matthew Cherry
        Actor Kenneth Lucas, Lil Rel Howery, Keith Lucas, Jermaine Fowler
        Agent Barry Kotler, Matt Martin & William Brown (CAA)
        Manager Julian Rosenberg (Circle of Confusion)
        Studio New Line
        Production Wrigley Pictures

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      • The Broker 2019 Thriller Available Written by Justin Piasecki
        39 minutes ago
        A fexier who brokers off-the-books exchanges for powerful corporate clients finds himself being hunted after he's hired to protect a whistleblower and the evidence she's uncovered.
        Market February 28, 2019
        Agent Ethan Neale (Paradigm)
        Manager Jeff Belkin (Zero Gravity Management)
        Production Thunder Road
      • James Cameron's Titanic Black List 2016 Available Written by Jen D'Angelo
        24 hours ago
        An overprotective mother attempts to keep her teenage daughter, young son, and rowdysister together, while sailing on the doomed voyage of the Titanic. ROSENCRANTZ AND 11GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD meets TITANIC.
        Market May 27, 2016
        Agent Amanda Hymson, Logan Eisenberg, Scott Perraud, Susie Fox (UTA)
        Manager Maggie Haskins (Principato-Young)
      • Field Of View Sci-Fi Set Up 2019 Thriller 88.8 Written by Reiss Clauson-Wolf & Julian Silver
        3 days ago
        A soldier, forced to relive her worst day in combat, begins to question her sanity when the VR simulation she’s experiencing doesn’t match her memory of the mission gone wrong.
        Market December 16, 2019    Sold December 16, 2019
        Producer Brent Stiefel, Justin Lothrop
        Manager Russell Hollander (Fourth Wall Management)
        Production Votiv
      • The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent Action Comedy Set Up 2019 Written by Kevin Etten & Tom Gormican
        3 days ago
        Actor Nicolas Cage, spiraling and trapped in debt, makes an appearance at the birthday party of a Mexicanbillionaire. While there, he learns that the billionaire runs a drug cartel, and the CIA recruits Cage for intelligence.
        Market November 15, 2019    Sold November 15, 2019
        Producer Kevin Turen, Nicholas Cage, Mike Nilon
        Director Kevin Etten
        Actor Nicholas Cage
        Manager Oly Obst (3 Arts Entertainment)
        Production Saturn Films
        Studio Lionsgate (Per Deadline Nov 15 2019 article.)
      • Harry's All Night Hamburgers 86.4 Written by Steve Desmond & Michael Sherman
        3 days ago
        An unconfident and unlucky teenager begins to work the night shifts at a low-key diner and is amazed to discover that this diner serves interdimensional travelers who hail from parallel universes. Determined to escape his mundane reality, he joins the travelers and journeys across the multiverse in search of some excitement, change, and maybe even a second chance.

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      • Untitled Jim Thorpe / Pop Warner Project Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Joseph Puterbaugh
        In 1912, after the death of his mother, Jim Thorpe, a member of the Sac and Fox Nation, is sent to a school run by white men that aims to "civilize" and stamp out Native identity. Pop Warner, a former college football coach new to the school, immediately notices Jim's athletic ability, and encourages him to join the football team, and the players fight to win games and prove themselves in the face of racism, as well as retain their Native identities.
      • Codename Danger Action Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Michael Webb
        After a failed mission results in the death of his mentor, a spy now barely getting by as a PI is offered the chance to redeem himself by returning to the trade to locate a missing test pilot. The spy goes undercover and begins investigating, but a shady engineer and his powerful boss are soon on to the man, who must stay one step ahead.
      • Buccaneers Of The Asteroid Belt Action Sci-Fi Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Jeff Racho
        When the CEO of a space mining company is faced with bankruptcy and radiation poisoning threatens his crew and his family, he makes a decision to hijack a company ship to get to Mars for treatment, while being pursued every step of the way by a former rival looking to reclaim the ship for himself.
      • Season Of Love Comedy Rom-Com Scouted Available Unrepped Written by James Phillips
        A screenwriter incapable of long-term relationships meets a nurse with numerous broken engagements behind her, and when they hit it off, the writer suggests they have a fling. Despite coming up with a “contract” to keep their relationship casual, the two soon fall in love, giving the writer fodder for his next screenplay, but forcing them both to face their commitment-phobic ways.
      • Nathan Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Eric Owen
        Through his youth in the '80s and '90s, a young man evolves towards a successful political career as a member of the Republican party. Even after he marries and has a child however, he struggles with a double life as a closeted gay man.
      • All Art Is Quite Useless Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Jeff Racho
        After his friend takes a photo of a dildo on his work camera, an aspiring artist accidentally turns in the photograph to a gallery, and his provocative new work is hailed as the hottest thing in the local art scene, thus forcing him to struggle to hang on to his newfound fame.
      • Lest More Mischance Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Dave Miller
        In the aftermath of World War II, a German professor is mistaken for a deceased Nazi officer due to his uncanny resemblance to the man. Fleeing Nazi hunters, he reluctantly teams up with other Nazis as he attempts to survive.
      • Pressure Drama Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped Written by S.K. Lind
        Struggling with an affair with a past lover, a successful architect and family man finds himself in the crosshairs of a government conspiracy involving murder and money.
      • The Way Of The Jerk Rom-Com Scouted Available Unrepped Written by Rob Greenberg
        A nice guy who can’t seem to find a relationship undergoes a seminar from which he emerges as an abrasive yet confident man whose rude behavior miraculously allows him to attract women. However, when he manages to start a relationship with a longtime crush, he struggles to go back to his nice guy persona.
      • Swim Home Drama Scouted Available Unrepped Written by David Ragsdale
        A teenage girl’s family life is upended when her mother moves her to a new state. While there, she’s bullied while attempting to hone her skills as a swimmer in preparation for an upcoming competition.