• Snapdragon

  • William R Price
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Pilot
  • 74.5
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A motley crew of travelers on a mystical planet encounter an interdimensional traveler and decide to help him survive a band of dark wizards, who seek him as a part of their quest to open a powerful portal and embody their true form as monsters.
When a young man from a distant planet arrives in their world, a wizard and his companions struggle to keep the man safe from several dark entities that want the young man to open an interstellar portal, which will give the dark forces more power.
An alternative wizard, his dwarf assistant, and a knight honor-bound to guide them safely through their mystical planet homeland join with an artisan and her handmaiden to discover that the result of a prophecy is the arrival of a lowly lab tech from another planet who was forced to work with risky experimental lightning but wasn’t the intended traveler. He has a treasure map that intrigues the wizard and might give the newcomer the answers he wants, but the wizard fears putting the man in the path of dark wizards looking for financial gain.
Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Kidnap, Road Movies, Sword & Sorcerer, Treasure, Feel Good/Uplifting, Ensemble Cast, Time Travel, Travel, Competition, Evil, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Identity, Investigation, Journey, Small Town
Tin Man (TV), The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (TV), Princess Bride, The Dark Crystal, Sleepy Hollow (TV), Outlander (TV), The Never-Ending Story, Labyrinth, Flight of the Navigator
Unknown Era, Several Days
100% Fantasy Planet including roads and passes, a forest, river, hillside, cliff, plain, clearing, valley, guild, curiosity shop, council library, garrison, a apartment
Centuries ago, dark wizards from space invaded Planet Green. A protective spell was placed over a safe area known as the Bright Zone. In the present, a sarcophagus flies through space toward Planet Green. On Planet Green, LYDIA ONIONS (24) completes her latest tapestry, which depicts Planet Green’s history. Her handmaid, GRU (55), reveals that they need more supplies, so the pair plan to sell Lydia’s tapestries in order to buy more provisions.

Meanwhile, FOFLOR SNAGITS (45) races with BRAINALOPE (?) toward the Ariel Plain where Foflor believes a transcendental warp-wave is about to occur. HUNTRESS (36) interrupts the pair and tries to stop them from going to the dangerous Ariel Plain. When Foflor and Brainalope refuse to listen to her, Huntress decides to go with them for their own protection.

Huntress, Foflor, and Brainalope run into Lydia and Gru. The two women join the party. When the group reaches a narrow pass, Lydia and Gru are briefly turned away. The women sneak back and rejoin Huntress, Foflor, and Brainalope just as they reach the Ariel Plain.

In the Ariel Plain, the sarcophagus lands and opens. Out pops TOM JOURNEYMAN (22). He has no idea where he is when MUNDUNGUS NIGHTSHADE (45), DEADALOR DRAGONSBANE (40), and,...