• Kengir

  • Billy Festorazzi
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 74.8
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In the early 1950’s, a group of prisoners in a Soviet work camp stage a rebellion that forces the Red Army to retreat and allows them to govern themselves and exist with some limited freedoms, including living alongside the female prisoners with whom many have bonded. Resisting the Red Army’s potential retaking of the prison requires a united front, but bitter infighting, betrayals, and conflicts over resources, some of them secret, threaten the unique society.
In 1953, political prisoners and violent thieves capture control of the Kengir labor camp but struggle to set aside their differences in order to keep the Soviets from re-taking the camp.
A group of political prisoners in a Stalin labor camp named Kengir decide to go on strike in order to force the Red Army to provide them with better living conditions. Among them is a man and woman who’ve fallen in love and plan to lie low until they can be released, but decide to try and expedite the process by digging an escape tunnel.
Action, Drama, Thriller, Prison, Political, Ensemble Cast, Foreign Locale, Historical, Betrayal, Escape, Violence/Violent
White / European
Sobibor, Maze, T34, Escape from Sobibor, Blood and Glory, Escape from Stalin’s Death Camp
1953 - About A Year
Kazakhstan - Prison Camp
Kengir is home to a Soviet prison camp in 1953. In the men’s camp are DYMYTRO (28), HADEON (38), PAVEL (21), WOJCIECH (27), GLIB (20), PETRO (34), and former Red Army Lieutenant KAPITON KUZENTSOV (31). Food is scarce, and Hadeon and Pavel argue over how much bread Pavel has. That same day, the prisoners are called for a checkpoint. GENERAL BOCHKOV (48) meets with the other prisoners and tells them that Joseph Stalin has died.

Fearing they will lose power, the guards decide to treat the prisoners brutally. They beat and arrest Hadeon. The guards stab and kill another prisoner. Some prisoners are massacred for talking to one another too.

Meanwhile, despite being forbidden from communicating, Glib owns a pigeon that delivers messages from the women’s camp to the men’s camp and vice versa. Dymytro has fallen in love with OLGA (23), who is on the verge of being released. The pair make plans to meet in Kyiv when they are released.

The guards find Glib’s pigeon and kill it. Wojciech exposes that the pigeon belonged to Glib. Glib is beaten and arrested. The men’s camp is divided into new work groups, and Dymytro starts working with IVAN (22) and MARKO (23).

The camp plans to go...