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In June 1944, a young Army private is stationed in Normandy, France, and ordered to drive superiors as they scout for the enemy in a series of hedgerows. As the Americans find themselves increasingly trapped by the Nazis in the unyielding environment, the private's defiance of orders combined with his uncanny knack for survival allows him and his fellow soldiers to persevere.
After defying orders, a cook for the Army is assigned to run scout missions in France to detect the presence of Nazis. However, it doesn’t take him long to realize that these are impossible orders, as the soldiers are left in an all-too-vulnerable state when going on these missions, and he defies his commanders to save his fellow soldiers’ lives.
A cook in the 1940s military finds himself acting as a scout for soldiers in Normandy, and he questions his command when he realizes that misled orders are resulting in the routine deaths of those he has been assigned to escort.
Action, Drama, Period, War, Coming of Age, Dark, Military, Foreign Locale, Survival, Battle, Death, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Gory, Hero, Rivalry, Soldier, Suspenseful, True Story, Violence/Violent, Warrior, WWII
Hacksaw Ridge, The Thin Red Line, Band of Brothers (TV), SAS Rogue Heroes (TV), The Pacific (TV), Saving Private Ryan, Storming Juno
1944, Several Days
100% Normandy, France including several tents, a chateau, a clearing, several roads, hedgerows, several Jeeps, a plane, various fields, etc
In 1944 Normandy, France, PRIVATE EDDIE POWERS (20s) rides with CAPTAIN GRANT (30s). Powers notices his driver has been shot. He becomes furious over how the orders given to him and his men are costing them their lives. He goes to meet with MAJOR GEORGE PRICE (40s) and voices his concern. As LIEUTENANT DEUZY (20s) and MASTER SERGEANT AMES (30s) sit nearby, Powers confronts Price.

Eight days earlier, in an army base kitchen, DREW EVANS and MESS SERGEANT ANDERSON (30s) speak with Powers, who is working as a cook. CORPORAL BAXTER (20s) picks a fight with Powers that Powers ends. Anderson warns Powers not to fight back against Baxter again. One week later, the conflict repeats. Powers ends the fight again, and Anderson transfers him off base for defying orders.

Powers is then sent to the station with Grant and LIEUTENANT KARNES (20s). Powers becomes a driver. He and Karnes strike up a friendship, but Karnes is shot and killed while the two are out on a mission together. Powers confronts Price about his questionable orders that led to Karnes’ death, but Price holds onto his authority and demands Powers obey his orders.

Powers then goes on a mission with LIEUTENANT...