• Ice Cream Don't Melt in Englewood

  • Richard Ehrenreich
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 75.3
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A black businessman is pressured to help the police cover up a murder after he witnesses an officer kill a man with excessive force during a carjacking.
After an attempted carjacking leads to a police officer and the teenaged carjacker being shot and killed, the victim of the carjacking faces pressure from the police, politicians, and his own family about his upcoming testimony in the case.
After witnessing a shooting in which both a Black man and a police officer end up dead, an established Black businessman is pressured and threatened to corroborate the other police officer’s story that the shooting of the Black man was justified.
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Racially Based, Conspiracy, Cop/FBI/CIA, Dark, Murder, Urban, Work Related, African-American / Black Theme, Corruption, Social Commentary, Business, Behind The Scenes, Betrayal, Cop, Father, Father/Son, Government, Investigation, Killer, Violence/Violent
Black / African
The Hate U Give, Fruitvale Station, Do The Right Thing, Blindspotting, American Crime (TV), Black and Blue, Monsters and Men
Present, Several Days/ Flashbacks To the 1970s, Several Days
100% Chicago Area including various houses, apartments, and cars as well as a grocery store, factory, hospital, parking lot, law firm, construction trailer, county building, police station, beach, ice cream store, town square, prison facility, tavern, retail district, and gazebo
In the 1970s, HERMAN JACKSON (5) is home with his mother when she is murdered. 50 years later, Herman (55) has become a successful factory owner with dedicated workers, MIGUEL (40) and WALTER (20), and loyal customers like CRANE HAMBLETON (55). One night, when Herman is leaving work, RASHAAN (17) attempts to hijack him and hits Herman in the head. Dazed, Herman hears Officers KENT HOPKINS (27) and LENNY SALVI (40s) arrive. Both Rashaan and Hopkins are shot and killed at the scene.

Herman is taken to the hospital while Walter, who saw the altercation, and Salvi talk to the police. Walter suggests that Rashaan was running away when he was killed. The police later send an inspector to Herman’s factory. The inspector determines that the building is up to code but will need expensive upgrades soon.

While Rashaan’s mother, JOSEPHINE AMPLEY (40s) advocates for justice for her son, Herman is cleared medically. He returns home to his wife, KATHY (50), and their sons, CLIFF (18) and RICHARD (15). Richard points out that the news states that Rashaan was in a gang. Cliff questions why Richard thinks that Rashaan deserved to die for being in a gang.

By now, COMMANDER JIM FLANNIGAN (50s) has begun investigating Rashaan’s death....