• Sandstorm

  • Terry Podnar
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 74.9
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After a personal tragedy, an alien travels to a climate change-ravaged Earth to observe the mistakes of its people but soon becomes entangled with a woman, her husband, and their daughter, who are targeted by a powerful gang intent on kidnapping the little girl.
After brutal climate change has decimated resources, infrastructure, and social order, an unhappily married couple must protect their young daughter, now sought by a powerful gang whose leader can’t have children. The family gets the unexpected help of a mysterious newcomer who agrees to live with them, but both the problems between the husband and wife and the efforts of the gang create intense tensions in their desolate home.
A couple with a strained marriage and a mysterious outsider struggle to work together in order to get medical treatment for their sick daughter in a world ravaged by disaster, illness, and gangs.
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Family, Sci-fi, Thriller, Alien, Apocalyptic, Hostage, Dark, Disaster, Gangs, Nature, Organized Crime, Rescue, Man vs Nature, Survival, Dysfunctional Family, Affair, Criminal, Environment, Gangster, Guns, Husband/Wife, Killer, Mother/Daughter, Motherhood, Outsider, Parenthood, Relationship, Secret Identity, Suspenseful, Undercover, Violence/Violent, Warrior
Under The Skin, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Superman, Children of Men, Fast Color, The Last of Us (TV), Mad Max: Fury Road
Present, Several Days
80% US City, including a house, a mansion, a pharmacy, a hospital, a playground, exteriors.  20% Earth-like Alien Planet including a university, apartments, cafes.
DEREK (30s), his wife, KIRA (30s), and their daughter, ALANA (8), live in an isolated home in the desert. Outside, the world is filled with intense floods, winds, heat, and disease. As Earth deteriorates, so does humanity, with TOR (30s) and LUKA (30s) terrorizing the cities for HELENA (30s).

One day, Alana sneaks out of the home. She meets JAKE (8), who touches her arm briefly. Alana then approaches a dog. By now, Derek and Kira have realized their daughter is missing. They rush to find Alana and bring her home safely.

Soon after though, Alana shows signs of illness. Derek and Kira argue over whether they should leave their home to find medicine for Alana. Derek reluctantly agrees to go to a pharmacy with Kira and Alana.

At the pharmacy, Derek meets GERALD (50s), the pharmacist, and ORIN (20s), a mysterious outsider. Gerald says that Derek will need to contact Tor for medication. Orin warns Derek against this. Derek leaves, and Gerald secretly calls Tor to tell Tor about Alana. Helena wants to be a mother, so Tor plans to kidnap Alana for her.

Derek, Kira, and Alana head to a hospital where there are no supplies. Tor and his henchmen...