• Kansas

  • Adam Stayberg
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 70.6
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After losing his child to a terrorist attack, a scientist works to get a toddler with DNA that could unlock the secret to saving humanity from a mysterious virus back to safety and away from those who want to capture her and use her to commit genocide.
A world-weary loner who used to be a scientist is one of a handful of survivors of a population-decimating virus, barely living in an imperiled dystopian world. When he comes upon a small child whose DNA carries the virus, and secrets to use it for good or for evil, he commits to getting her to safety as a ruthless gang seeks to use her for their own enrichment.
In a future world ravaged by disease, a cowardly scientist is tasked with escorting an immune baby across the wasteland after her caretaker dies.
High Concept, Action, Sci-fi, Thriller, Apocalyptic, Dark, Futuristic, Medical, Road Movies, Rescue, Death, Experiment, Guns, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent
Children of Men, Book of Eli, I Am Legend, The Road, Terminator, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Last of Us (TV)
Unspecified near future/about a week
Majority post-apocalyptic United States: woods, paved road, campsite, RV, interstate, infectious disease center, lab, etc.
DR. JAMES RICHERT (44) sees a FATHER (39) and MOTHER (38) attacked by SCROUNGERS in front of their children. James consults his AI, Samantha, about moving away. He returns the wallet while pocketing the ID card. James comes across the aftermath of a shootout. UNCLE RICH (51) and ALI (1) have survived and want James’ help. Uncle Rich tells James that Ali is immune to the disease that caused the post-apocalyptic world. Uncle Rich dies, and James ventures to take Ali to a woman who can get her to Topeka.

GARADEN ROTH (45) and OTTO DANSBY (29) find Margaret’s note. Garaden and DALIA (27) discover that someone has taken Ali and is going to Topeka. James is pulled over by an AI cop, INTERCEPTOR, who decides to help James get Ali to safety. The Interceptor helps steer James out of trouble in the RV, but Dalia discovers the VR’s broken mirror. James and the Interceptor see a MOTORCYCLIST (?) get killed.

RANDAL “TATER” BECKETT (44) and BENNY HOOKER (36) are onto James’ trail. They find Ali and move to capture her, but it’s revealed she’s a hologram James set up. Tater and Benny are shot, and the Interceptor tells James to flee, enemies on his tail, with...