• The Menagerie

  • Joseph Puterbaugh
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Scouted
  • 70.4
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Rufus, a free-spirited chimp and former movie/TV star, fakes senility in order to free himself from a humiliating life in a traveling circus. But when he arrives at a run-down retirement home for animal actors, Rufus must try to defeat the corrupt trustee of the sanctuary and convince the other animals to escape captivity.
In a motion picture/TV menagerie, an ape tries to lead the other animals to break out, while the corrupt trustee of the menagerie drives it to financial failure to try to sell it to a developer.
A chimpanzee desperate for freedom attempts to convince the other animals at a dilapidated sanctuary, run by a trustee who secretly plots to cause the sanctuary to fail, to run away.
When a rebellious chimpanzee arrives at a run-down menagerie, he successfully rallies and convinces the other animals to escape captivity from the greedy and evil man in charge of the wild life rescue.
Animated, Comedy, Family, Animal Lead, Movie Business, Ape
Madagascar, The Little Ponderosa Zoo, Nim's Island, Dumbo, EO, The Secret Life of Pets, We Bought a Zoo, Homeward Bound, Strays
Present, a few weeks
100% Southern California: fairgrounds near the Mojave Desert, motion picture/TV menagerie, pond habitat, animal enclosure, hills above Los Angeles
In the hills above LA, a host of animals live in a menagerie — a 40-acre yard with cages and structures meant to make any captive animal content. The menagerie is complete with a keeper, ARTURO, and a plethora of animals: OSCAR the cockatoo, PEPPER the cat, UKI the eskimo dog, AUGIE the alligator, FUZZY WUZZY the bear, JABARI the lion, and GITA the elephant.

One day, a man named GRAFTON (40s) and his loyal miniature schnauzer HUMPHREY arrive at the menagerie. The business is failing and they need more money or else the animals will have to find a new home. His accountant also lets him know that as the trustee, it is up to Grafton to use the funds of the estate properly.

The animals know that something is going on. They talk amongst themselves about it constantly. But things could be looking up; RUFUS the chimpanzee appears at the menagerie. He’s been sent out to pasture. The other animals talk about how he briefly made it big in showbiz, just to end up a circus performer. However, “Rufus the Fearless” is a Hall of Famer.

Soon Rufus gets a lay of the land and a feel for...