• Hotel Dieu

  • Michael DiAntonio
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 73.4
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A naive country lad and born healer overcomes the oppression of a decayed social order, and the perversion of a murderous aristocrat, to become an enlightened surgeon militant in pre-revolutionary Paris.
During the turmoil leading up to the French Revolution, a young man from a tiny village in the Pyrenees trains as a surgeon at Hospital Hotel Dieu in Paris, but finds himself being accused of serial murders actually committed by a sadistic marquis.
As Eighteenth Century France faces increasing tensions between the aristocracy and commoners, an aspiring doctor finds his life and freedom in jeopardy when an actress he protected from sexual assault is murdered and he becomes the lead suspect.
In 1789 Paris, an aspiring physician from the countryside strives to expose and overcome the corruption and violent class discrimination of his aristocratic superiors.
Crime, Drama, Period, Thriller, Mystery, Conspiracy, Dark, Medical, Murder, Social Commentary, Historical, Criminal, Death, Doctor, Gory, Secrets, Serial Killer, Violence/Violent
White / European
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, The Affair of the Necklace, Danton, The Good Nurse, The Physician
1789, a few months
100% France: village, forest, countryside, Paris streets, hospital ward, theater
In 1789, as tensions between the pro-royalist and pro-Republican factions grow, DOMINIQUE LARREY (19) sets off for the Hotel Dieu in Paris for medical training. On his first day, Larrey meets XAVIER BICHAT (20s), SISTER THERESE (?), and RENALDO (?). Bichat invites Larrey to a presentation by DR. DESAULT (?), one of the teachers. Larrey agrees and watches Desault oversee the treatment of TIPHAINE (?), an actress.

Larrey quickly impresses Desault but is dismayed to learn that the Hotel Dieu does not offer a stipend or food. Despite this, Larrey decides to remain at the Hotel Dieu for medical training. During this time, Larrey sees the MONSIGNOR DIRECTOR (?) of the Hotel Dieu and the MARQUIS DE GERMONT (?), the head of the hospital’s board of directors.

Soon after, Renaldo begins to suffer from seizures. Larrey tries to treat his condition. Renaldo dies anyway. EARNEST (?), a medical student, lashes out at Desault and the Hotel Dieu’s senior staff for denying Renaldo access to the Hotel Dieu’s elite ward for better treatment. Desault dismisses Earnest from the program.

Meanwhile, Tiphaine invites Desault and Larrey to the theater to see her perform. At the theater, a riot breaks out. Larrey goes backstage to see Tiphaine. He discovers...