• The Red Zone

  • Terry Podnar
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 70.6
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After finding out that he is a clone, a football player works with a sports reporter to expose the dark secrets behind the cloning experiment.
A professional football player is the subject of cloning experiments by mysterious scientists, and a spunky journalist tries to expose the truth.
An unusually strong football player discovers that he is the subject of a cloning experiment, and he teams up with a sports reporter to uncover and reveal the truth.
Mainstream (studio), Action, Romance, Sci-fi, Sports, Thriller, Cloning, Experiment, Science
Unbreakable, Superman, Beauty and The Beast, Frankenstein, Limitless
Present Day/A week
Nondescript city. Scenes in a football stadium, office, lab, beach, apartment.
ROBERT PETTIBONE (30s), a professional football player, is unbeatable on the field. His team relies on him to obtain victory. The other teams complain to AFL COMMISSIONER BLACKSTONE and Executive Vice President TRE KESSLER (50s). However, while Pettibone’s blood contains unknown substances, these are not banned substances. Wanting to make money off of how popular Pettibone is with fans, Commissioner BLACKSTONE allows Pettibone to continue playing.

Sports journalist CALI NEAL (20s) tries to interview Pettibone but gets rejected. However, Pettibone overhears the conversation and agrees to participate. However, during the interview, he refuses to answer anything related to his past but asks Cali to write about the injustice during the game. Cali noticed a large scar on his body. Afraid for her career, she publishes a puff piece instead, much to his dismay. During this time, Cali catches her boyfriend, ARI (20s), cheating on her. Ari starts to worry that Cali is attracted to Pettibone. Despite this, Ari and Cali decide to remain together. Pettibone is unhappy about the report.

Pettibone begins to experience shaking in one of his arms. His doctor, DR. MENG (60s), gives him an injection to treat the symptoms while, nearby, DR. QAY (?) monitors. Dr....