• The Ballad of Bobby Corazón

  • Phil Tan
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Scouted
  • 72.1
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After returning to Puerto Rico to care for her dying grandmother, a disgruntled teenager and aspiring music producer works with the ghost of her grandfather to resolve his unfinished business and find her sound.
After realizing that her grandfather’s ghost is present in her grandmother’s home, a teenage girl begins working with him to write music and realize her dream of becoming a successful musician, all while helping him complete the song he started writing for his wife but never got the chance to complete.
An aspiring teen musician is forced to move to her grandmother's home in Puerto Rico. She finds musical inspiration after connecting with her grandfather's ghost, who helps her with her music career while she investigates a way to help him rest in peace.
Mainstream (studio), High Concept, Female Protagonist, Drama, Family, Musical, Supernatural, Ghost, Music, Foreign Locale, Band, Daughter, Death, Heartwarming, Illness, Mother/Daughter, Performance, Siblings, Singer, Small Town
Latino / Hispanic
The Music Never Stopped, Daisy Jones and the Six (TV series), Begin Again, The Runaways, Raise Your Voice, The Last Song
A few months in present day / flashbacks to the 1970s
Eastern Puerto Rican town Luquillo (Alma’s house, beach, school, The Majestic Theater, recording studio, music video set, Forte Entertainment building, Coca Cola music hall), San Juan airport (car rental, parking lot)
A disgruntled DANI RAMÍREZ (Afro-Puerto Rican, 16) returns to Puerto Rico with her mother ÁNGELA CORAZÓN (Afro-Puerto Rican, 40s) to care for Ángela’s mother ALMA PANTOJAS (Afro-Puerto Rican, 60s, a retired schoolteacher). Dani, a musician, worries about attending a new school where she does not know anyone and everything is in Spanish.

In the 1970s, a young, pregnant Alma calls her boyfriend BOBBY CORAZÓN (Afro-Puerto Rican, mid 20’s, handsome) on the phone. Bobby, a touring musician, promises he will be with Alma soon. His band “Bobby Y Los Corazones Del Ritmo” includes his brother CONRADO CORAZÓN (20s) and his best friend WILLIE ALOU (20s) in addition to the five other members (20s). Conrado’s role as the band’s manager causes friction between the two brothers, but Conrado helps Bobby with a song that he plans to use to propose to Alma after their final concert. Before the concert, two IRS MEN (40s) approach Bobby, and he learns that Conrado failed to pay their taxes. Bobby confronts his brother and Conrado admits that he lost their money through gambling. Bobby fires Conrado and sends him into the stormy night, but the band later convinces him to...