• Fountain's Squirt

  • ronald pergola
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 71.5
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After her counselor says that she will get expelled from a prestigious private school if she doesn’t get her grades up, a young student asks a Vietnam vet who’s suffering from alcoholism and PTSD to help her with her studies.
A young girl develops an unlikely friendship with her alcoholic curmudgeonly neighbor, who reluctantly agrees to help her improve her failing grades.
An unlikely friendship between an impressionable, angst-ridden teenage girl and an aging, cantankerous Vietnam veteran helps both of them cope with personal turmoil.
Character Study, Drama, Family, School, Dramedy, Disability, Dysfunctional Family, Addiction, Adolescence, Alcoholism, Education, Friends/Friendship, Outsider, Relationship, Soldier, Student
About a Boy, Man Without a Face, St. Vincent, Finding Forrester, The Whale, A Man Called Ove
Present/A few weeks
Action occurs in an urban environment. Key locations include: an apartment building, a bar, a school, and a hospital.
NATALIE (12) lives with her mom, JULIE ROBINSON (45), in a New York apartment building. MR. HELMS (50) tells Natalie that she needs to improve her grades or she will fail out of the prestigious private school.

Natalie's friends GEMMA CHAN (12) and JAYLA RICE (12) invite her to a concert. At a bar, JOSHUA FOUNTAIN (64) drinks to mask his PTSD.

Natalie goes ice skating with her friends. JEREMY POLIS (13) asks Natalie to skate, but she turns him down out of fear, and SANDRA VEAGLE (13) skates with him instead. Fountain passes out at McNerney’s Bar again, so the owner MAC (50s) sends waiter JIMMY (20s) to take him home, who leaves the door ajar. After coming back from the skating rink, Natalie sees Fountain passed out and helps him, but he wakes up, calling Natalie “Squirt” and scaring her.

Fountain’s health aide, AILEEN SOO (early 30s), bathes him. Aileen talks to him about his drinking. Natalie returns to Fountain’s apartment to retrieve the ice skates that she left. Fountain apologizes for scaring her and thanks her for helping him.

Natalie's friends encourage her to pursue Jeremy. Jeremy asks Natalie to go skating with him, angering Sandra. Still failing school and needing help...