• Sandstorm

  • Terry Podnar
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 70.2
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When Earth becomes riddled with disease and the effects of climate change, a husband and wife are forced to risk their lives by leaving their desert home in order to get medical treatment for their daughter. On their journey, they befriend a mysterious man but also find themselves the target of a dangerous mercenary who wants to kidnap the couple’s child in order to give it to his lover.
In future world that has been ravaged by climate change, a mother and father try to take their 8-year-old daughter to safety.
As the world is broken down by sickness and destruction, a being from another world saves a family from bandits and works to protect them as the leader of the bandits plans on taking the child for herself.
Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller, Alien, Apocalyptic, Dark, Road Movies, Ensemble Cast, Dysfunctional Family, Daughter, Father/Daughter, Husband/Wife, Illness, Mother/Daughter, Secret Identity, Secrets
The Last of Us (TV), Mad Max: Fury Road, Children of Men, The Road
Near Future, A Couple Days
Locations are split between Earth and Andromeda and include a house, desert, playground, buildings, pharmacy, academy, café, hospital, warehouse, apartment, launching pad, outer space, and government office.
Due to global warming, Earth is quickly becoming uninhabitable. Humanity must cope with extreme weather, disease that can be transmitted through touch, and gangs that commit violence in the chaos. Many struggle with infertility. KIRA (30s) and her husband, DEREK (30s), have found refuge in the desert with their daughter, ALANA (8).

One day, Alana sees a dog outside. She wants to go pet the animal, but her parents won’t let her. When the family’s television goes out, Kira and Derek get distracted fixing the device. Alana sneaks outside to pet the dog. She quickly stumbles upon another child. The two play together, and the child inadvertently touches Alana.

Alana then finds the dog. By now, Kira and Derek have realized that Alana is missing. They rush to locate her and come across her with the dog. The dog becomes aggressive toward Derek and Kira, but Kira fights the dog off and brings Alana inside.

Soon after, Alana shows signs of sickness. Kira convinces a reluctant Derek that they must go into town for help. On the drive there, Derek stops at a pharmacy. There he asks the pharmacist, GERALD (50s), for medicine for his daughter. Gerald does not...