• The Lorelei Agenda

  • Michael Webb
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 75.3
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A London banker is assigned to investigate the mysterious hit-and-run death of a bank auditor, but stumbles into a massive case of stolen documents and Nazi bank accounts with massive sums of money, which he investigates all while becoming a criminal suspect.
A stockbroker is tasked by his boss to investigate the recent hit-and-run on a banking auditor. When looking into the matter, the broker realizes he might be in the midst of uncovering a scheme by modern-day Nazis.
A hotshot English banker is caught in a vast conspiratorial web connected to the Nazis after he investigates the death of his coworker.
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Conspiracy, Espionage/Spy, Corruption, Business, Betrayal, Guns, Investigation, Money, Nazi, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent, Workplace
Margin Call, The International, Spectre, North by Northwest
Present, a few days, flashbacks to 1945
Majority in London: trading floor, bank, office, squash court, streets, industrial area, dump, car, church. Some scenes in an airfield in southern Germany.
May 1945 Berlin: MAJOR KURT MEISNER (40s) hands HELMUT KRIEGER (30s) an envelope and tells him to get it to a bank, as the fate of Germany depends on it.

Present day: ALEX (MID-30s) works as a stock broken in England. When banking auditor JEFF BREADELY (LATE 30s) gets killed in a hit-and-run, Alex’s Alex is asked by his boss, DAVENPORT (70s), to give the bank a clean bill of health by asking the police some questions. Alex goes to talk to FAITH (late 20s), who worked with Bradley. She tells him many of the bank’s clients’ records have disappeared after his death and that she needs to get them back.

Alex finds a CCTV of the driver who killed Bradley. FELTZMAN (50s) steals the camera from Alex, but he’s killed by RALSTON (late, who takes the camera (30s). Feltzman gives Alex a key and says the words “Lorelei” before dying. Alex is taken to PROFESSOR SEBASTIAN (60s) by QUINN (40s), who tells Alex that Lorelei was a Nazi syndicate that transferred billions of dollars from the German military into a Swiss bank account.

Alex calls DETECTIVE TRENT and tells him he didn’t kill Feltzman. Faith...