• Something Bigger Than Me

  • Wayne Smith
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 73.1
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When an orphan from the future lands on her doorstep, a wanton femme fatale reluctantly agrees to help save the orphan’s parents who will perish in the riots that follow the assassination of MLK.   They cannot find the parents, so in order to save them they must save MLK.
After a scientist who’s discovered time travel learns that the woman he thought was his mother was really just keeping an eye on him for the government as he developed the time-travel technology for them, he travels back in time to enlist this woman’s help in saving his parents from dying during the riots after MLK is assassinated.
A scientist who discovers time travel and learns the truth about himself and his past travels back to 1968, to try to prevent his parents from dying on April 4.
A man invents time travel and uses it to go back in time to stop the assassination of Dr. King, which will, he hopes, save his parents' lives and change the course of his unhappy life.
High Concept, Action, Drama, Period, Sci-fi, Cop/FBI/CIA, Political, African-American / Black Theme, Time Travel, FBI, Government, Mother/Son, Parent, Science
Black / African
Looper, Back to the Future, La Jetee, 12 Monkeys, Predestination, The Butterfly Effect, Antebellum, Everything Everywhere All at Once
1968, 2009/a couple of days
Memphis, Manhattan, Columbia, Harlem, campus, street, Broadway, townhouse, etc.
DR. DEVIN KEYS (30) is about to complete his time-traveling device when FBI AGENT JONNY VANDERHORSE (80) interrupts. Vanderhorse reveals that Devin time-traveled in the past. Suddenly, agents from the Investigative Division arrive. Vanderhorse hides while the agents warn Devin that someone may have downloaded from a server important files to share with Devin. After the agents leave, Vanderhorse gives Devin information about his past experiences in time travel.

Devin reads the files and realizes that RED (70s), a mother figure in his life, has been hired by the government to befriend him and that his parents were murdered in the riots after Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. He angrily confronts her. He then time-travels back to 1968.

During that time, Devin searches for JAMIE KEYS (?) to no avail at a college campus. Devin calls a junior agent from the FBI. The two talk about Martin Luther King Jr. Devin exposes the underhanded actions the government has taken to surveil the Civil Rights leader.

Soon after, Vanderhorse and other FBI agents arrive on the college campus in search of Devin. Devin escapes. He begins looking for a much younger Red, whose boyfriend, NAPOLEON (40s), pressures her to have a baby. While looking...