• Mularkey

  • Paul Freeman
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Scouted
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When the brothers who film a Bigfoot hunting reality show get word that their show is canceled, they need to get good content for their last few episodes. They learn about a beast terrorizing a small town in Minnesota, and head over there to help the sheriff investigate the possible Bigfoot.
After a series of recent attacks in a small town in Minnesota, a sheriff and two filmmakers go looking for Bigfoot.
A reality tv Bigfoot hunter works with a sheriff to investigate the truth behind seemingly monstrous killings in the woods of Minnesota.
Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Monster, Broad Comedy, Cop, Creature, Death, Father/Daughter, Gory, Guns, Police, Rural, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent
Abominable, Primal Rage, Willow Creek, Exists, The Wolf of Snow Hollow, Strange Wilderness
Present / A few weeks
Mostly Minnesota Small Town - Forest, Cabin, Barn, Sherriff's Station, University of Minnesota, RV, etc.
In the woods of present-day Minnesota, Hunters CHRIS and LARRY are butchered by a massive, primal creature. In North Carolina, GATOR MULARKEY (30s) hosts his Bigfoot hunting reality show with the help of his brother WOODY MULARKEY (30s) and cameramen BISCUIT JAMES (20s) and BAM-BAM JONES (20s). The group struggles to get compelling footage as Gator pretends he’s on Bigfoot's trail. In Minnesota, sheriff ABBY MAGUIRE (30s) finds Chris and Larry’s remains. Townsfolk MILDRED, TODD, and JANA debate whether “The Beast” is behind the incident. Gator and Woody are informed their show is ending after their next season due to tanking ratings. They hear about Chris and Larry’s deaths while pursuing leads for their next season. They pack up and head to Minnesota, where they meet Mildred, who gives them leads. They attend a town hall meeting led by MAYOR BOBBY THOMPSON and Abby. BEN MARTIN and his sons NOAH and LIAM MARTIN attend. Ben wildly declares he’s going to shoot Bigfoot, despite Abby’s protests. Later, Noah and Liam are taken by Bigfoot when playing a prank on some locals.

Abby coerces Woody and Gator into helping her with their drones and camera equipment. She...