• Interloper

  • Etienne LaFrance
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Pilot
  • 74.3
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A teenager living in a cloistered dystopian city that's survived a devasting alien attack suddenly discovers he shares the same supernatural powers with the city’s biggest enemy, a traitor who has recently returned from the dead and seeks to kill the boy.
In a city-state surrounded by a wall to protect citizens from an unseen alien threat, a teen is rejected from the city’s militarized patrol, dashing his hopes of leaving the city to find his brother who disappeared years ago. Soon after, however, the teen discovers shocking supernatural powers that put him in league with a powerful traitor from the city’s history, making the boy a target of both the city’s ruling corporation and of the traitor himself, who has now returned as invincible as ever.
In a city protected from a dangerous and mysterious group by a wall, a teenager desperately hopes to join the city’s patrol so that he may leave the city in order to learn what happened to his older brother, who has disappeared mysteriously. When the teenager begins to display powers, previously associated with the city’s greatest traitor, the teenager becomes the property of the city’s lead corporation, and he struggles to obtain his freedom so that he may continue to look for his brother.
Drama, Fantasy, War, Apocalyptic, Futuristic, Teen, Terrorist, Betrayal, Father/Son, Mother/Son, Siblings, Suspenseful
Asian / Pacific Islander
Silo (TV), Into the Badlands (TV), Shadow & Bone (TV), The 100 (TV), Fate: The Winx Saga (TV), Tribes of Europa (TV), The Rain (TV), Maze Runner, Divergent, Hunger Games
The Future, Several Days
100% Walled Forest City including a military base, government building, testing chamber, streets, command center, house, graveyard, aircraft, estate, battlefield, astral plane, supreme council chamber, and bar
Humanity goes to war with the KAREEN, a powerful group that is rumored to be aliens or monsters. A forcefield is built around a city. The Kareen are beaten back with the aid of Couran Industries while JONATHAN FROSCH (33), a man said to have supernatural abilities, becomes the enemy of humanity after betraying the city, which he helped found. Only members of patrol are allowed to leave the city, and teenagers are tested to see if they have the qualifications to join the patrol.

One day, Frosch lands his spaceship in a clearing. Patrol race to attack. Frosch is bulletproof, and part of the city’s wall is destroyed. Several patrol are killed during the attack, and Frosch destroys a generator that helps keep the city protected.

Soon after, MASAKI BOROKOV (15) and his friends, EMILIO (?) and EDWARD (15), undergo evaluation to join the patrol. CARLA FERNANDEZ (41), a member of the council who works for OCTAVIAN COURAN (50), oversees Masaki’s evaluation. Masaki is rejected.

Masaki’s brother, MIKHAIL (19), tries to comfort Masaki, but Masaki, who wanted to be able to leave the city in search of their missing brother, KEN (?), is upset. Masaki runs to the border wall. A MYSTERIOUS MAN (30s)...