• Tears of Laughter

  • Chris Zafirson
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 78.6
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A depressed alcoholic stand-up comedian attempts to rebuild his career and relationship with his daughter after a failed suicide attempt.
A well-known but washed-up stand-up comedian attempts suicide. After he survives, he struggles to reconnect with his daughter and get his career back on track.
A formerly successful comedian tries to put his family and professional life back together after it’s been ravaged by addiction.
Character Study, Comedy, Drama, Drugs, Mental Illness, Movie Business, Mid-life Crisis, Dramedy, Dark Comedy, Suicide, Dysfunctional Family, Addiction, Alcoholism, Celebrity, Daughter, Death, Fame, Father, Father/Daughter, Father/Son, Grief, Husband/Wife, Performance, Performer
White / European
Funny People, Other People, Hacks (TV), The Wrestler, The Whale,
Present, a few months, flashbacks to 15 years prior
Mostly Southern California - comedy club, park, pier, high school, school auditorium, various homes, etc. A few scenes in Las Vegas - Caesar's Place, Backstage, etc.
Stand-up comedian BARRY KOCH (25) lights up the stage with his hilarious set. 15 years later, a worn-down Barry drinks himself into a stupor at a bar. After an empty interaction with a fan, Barry returns home and attempts to hang himself. Barry wakes up in the hospital. His agent JAMES “BUDDY BOY” BAXTER (55) informs him he was found and saved by the cleaning lady. Barry wants to see his daughter but is informed his family has decided to stay away. Barry is introduced to DR. VEENA PATEL (40), who asks him about his alcoholism and suicide attempt. Veena lets Barry go under the condition that he attend therapy sessions and a support group. James keeps a close eye on Barry when he returns home. Barry overhears James talking about him on the phone. James admits that he has been securing a major stand-up gig for Barry. Barry is furious and worried, having not done stand-up in years. Barry meets his daughter ZOE (17) after she leaves school, but she ignores him. Later, Barry attends a support group. He struggles to come up with new stand-up sets. His friends JEFF RHODES (45) and TYRONE POWERS (35) visit and humorously impress their love for him. They encourage...