• Mr. Garcia

  • Daniel Albino
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Pilot
  • 74.3
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A dedicated teacher aims to connect with his students and protect them from local drug dealers by any means necessary, all while keeping his violent past a secret.
A Colombian immigrant, now a dedicated math teacher in Bronx, NY who is running an afterschool program to improve his students, harbors a secret past life as a cartel assassin. His hopes of leaving his past behind are shattered when it appears that some of his students are getting involved with a new faction of drug dealers with familiar ties.
A Colombian immigrant working as a middle school teacher is forced to call on his secret past as a cartel assassin after he discovers the cartel’s drugs in the hands of his students.
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Dark, Drugs, Hitman, Murder, Organized Crime, Urban, Troubled Youth, Killer, Secret Identity, Secrets, Teacher
Latino / Hispanic
How to Get Away with Murder (TV), Barry (TV), Boston Public (TV), Breaking Bad (TV), The Wire (TV), Stand and Deliver, Vices (TV), John Wick, Half Nelson
Present, Several Weeks
90% Bronx, New York/10% Colombia, including a middle school with classrooms, a principal’s office, cafeteria, and auditorium as well as a pub, parking lot, various apartments, restaurant, Colombian classroom, and Hudson River Valley.
JOSE GARCIA (30’s) hides in a Bronx alley before dragging a body into the trunk of his car. He laments having “fucked up.”

Jose is at work as a middle school math teacher, where a fellow teacher, MS. RIZZO (30’s) invites him out with the other teachers after school. Student OMARI (12) acts out in front of them.

Two weeks earlier, Jose teaches class, where only star student LUCAS (12) pays attention. PRINCIPAL COLE (50’s) pulls Jose into his office and tells him that his teaching is boring, and that he has to find a way for the kids to enjoy math class. Back at his apartment, Jose researches cartel criminal activity, namely on the part of members branded with a skull and eagle tattoo. Jose has a memory of a young boy witnessing his mother being killed by a masked assassin, also branded with the same tattoo. Jose reminds himself he escaped from Colombia and is safe, before going to his cabinet, where he has three pistols hidden.

At home, Lucas gets money from his brother ICE (20’s). At school, he wants help from Jose, and Jose decides to start an after-school tutoring program. Omari gets in trouble, is sent to...