• Last Call

  • Kristen Anderson-Sauve
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 73.2
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When a computer coder who’s grieving her mother’s untimely death hears her mother’s voice calling from the afterlife, she takes her team of coders and creates an app that will help people connect with deceased loved ones.
When a computer coder and her coworkers discover a connection that allows people to contact their deceased loved ones, they work to spread this technology to all those grieving.
A computer scientist discovers her company's undersea internet cable has connected to the afterlife. She designs an app that allows people to call their deceased loved ones, but finds her venture threatened by her father, the coldhearted CEO of the company.
Female Protagonist, Comedy, Drama, Family, Faith/Spirituality, Supernatural, Ghost, Dysfunctional Family, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Death, Grief, Technology
Hot Tub Time Machine, Back to the Future, Her
Present, a few weeks, flashbacks to decades prior
Vancouver: downtown streets, mansion, office, atrium, command center, tarot reader, city streets, reception area, interrogation room, apartment.
KATE (30s) tells the story of how her mother, YULIA (30s), and, father, GORD (40s), got into a car accident that killed Yulia.

Years later, Kate works the night shift as a programmer at her father, GORD EVANS’ (60s), company, Scicom, with ZARA (20s), NIXON (30s), and Seth (30s). Kate goes out to eat with Gord. At dinner, Gord talks down to Kate about her lack of ambition before a major internet outage.

Kate goes back to Scicom to bring the internet back. During her task, Yulia begins talking to Kate via a pipeline in the ocean owned by Gord. Yulia tells Kate that people in the afterlife have found a means to connect with them and want to help the living. Kate is upset and runs off. Zara arrives and receives a call from her deceased father, SHAIRAN, and he apologizes to her for how he treated her. The night shift team realizes they have five hours to get to the bottom of things before the day shift workers arrive and cut the phone line.

Kate files an incident report, pretending to be Zara, and hides the signal from the afterlife. Zara, Kate, and Seth go to a diner...