• Black Mountain

  • Adam Stayberg
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
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A former mob doctor is thrust into action to rescue his daughter from an Appalachian drug lord before she’s ransomed back to the mafia family he betrayed.
After a mafia doctor’s daughter is stolen by a local crime lord in an attempt to lure the doctor back to the mob for retribution for testifying and sending evidence to the FBI, the doctor decides he’s going to save his daughter and recruits one of his former mob contacts to help him.
A doctor who has fled the mob after betraying them to the FBI hides out in Appalachia. When his identity is discovered, his daughter is kidnapped by those connected to the mob who want to trade her for him.
A former mafia doctor must take up arms against an Appalachian drug lord and the Mafia after his daughter is kidnapped to lure him out of hiding.
Action, Crime, Thriller, Cop/FBI/CIA, Dark, Drugs, Kidnap, Organized Crime, Rescue, Corruption, Criminal, Daughter, Doctor, Father/Daughter, Gangster, Grief, Guns, Mafia, Mob, Rural, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent
Commando, Safe, The Sopranos (TV), The Departed, Goodfellas, Taken, Man on Fire
Present, a few days
Louisville: cabin, house, bar, meth lab, woods, etc.
DR. JOHN COOK (42) has run away from the mob to a secluded location with his daughter, EVA (10). EMMETT (32) comes to see his sister, LUANN (29), at John’s, steals John’s license, and delivers it to EVA CLINT (34), who kidnaps Eva and delivers her to COTTON. John and Luann decide to rescue Eva when Cotton gives him the ultimatum to turn himself into the mob or Eva dies.

John calls in a favor from MICKEY (45). They rough up TUCKER (27), a local drug dealer, for information about how to move up the food chain. Meanwhile, JIMMY (31), BRYSON (32), and DIP (35) hold Eva while VINCENT (40) tells BRUNO (51) to take MIA (33), John’s ex, out of town.

John and Mickey confront TOBIAS (45), the next criminal up. Tobias is killed by John’s dogs before he can give up any useful info, but John finds the name of what is known as “Black Mountain” on Tobias’ phone. Micky and John arrive at the mountain and break into the meth lab. As they interrogate the CHEF (50s), Bryson and Dip arrive. Bryson kills Tuesday, and Dip beats Mickey up. John breaks free and kills Dip while his dogs take care of Bryson. A banged-up Micky leaves the...