• The Love Life of an Assistant Animator

  • Katherine Vaz
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 71.2
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AgentRich Green (The Gotham Group)
A man matures in his artistic career and romantic life, being given a second chance at life after witnessing tragedy while serving as a soldier in Afghanistan.
A struggling animator turned artist spends his professional life pining for the wife of a studio boss, who is trying to move away from her career as a voice actress and become a serious performer.
A veteran’s efforts to become a successful artist are jeopardized when he begins to fall in love with his boss’s wife.
Animated, Drama, Romance, War, Movie Business, Art, Love Triangle, Actor, Dating, Love, Performer, Workplace
La La Land, Cha Cha Real Smooth, Before Sunset
2005, Several Years
Locations are split between Michigan, Afghanistan, California, New York, and France with specific areas including various houses, the University of Michigan, an art studio, animation room, studio, market, condo, office, woods, sound booth area, Griffith Observatory, nightclub, swimming pool, quad, train, parking garage, Dolby Theater, restaurants, loft, department store, hospital, bungalow, cemetery, movie theater, Hollywood Bowl, museums, opera house, and hotel.
NATHAN PORTER (23) has a dream about his time as a soldier, where he found a colleague had assaulted and murdered a young girl before killing himself.

In the present, Nathan has become a talented artist. His accomplishments land him a job as an assistant animator at Delmar Studios. As he struggles to make friends, a designer named DOREEN (?) flirts with him.

While sketching, Nathan is informed that former voice actress VIOLET DELMAR (40), who is the wife of studio head NORMAN DELMAR (?), is trying to become a serious actress. Nathan meets Violet and the two have chemistry, despite Violet's married status.

Nathan attempts to date a woman named JASMINE (?), but when he mentions serving in the war, her questions make him uncomfortable.

At work, the male animators make disparaging comments about Violet, and Norman joins in, prompting Nathan to verbally scold them, while Violet hears all of it. Later, the vengeful animators splice one of Nathan's college drawings into the latest project, and Norman thinks Nathan's drawing is reminiscent of Violet, prompting Nathan to be fired.

Nathan and Violet have lunch together before separating.

Nathan finds work elsewhere, while Violet lands the lead role in an indie darling. A year later,...