• Vig

  • Jay Curcuru
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 70.2
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A self-proclaimed professional sports bettor attempts to rebuild his personal life after a winning streak. However, his addiction to gambling leads to losses and the ensuing downward spiral into debt threatens his friendships, family life, and safety.
A professional gambler who refuses to recognize his own addiction to gambling finds himself on a losing streak that ultimately threatens his relationship with his loved ones along with his and their physical safety.
A professional gambler/sports better alienates his ex-wife and son, but keeps betting as a winning stream turns into a losing streak.
Crime, Drama, Sports, Dark, Gangs, Gambling, Tragedy, Dysfunctional Family, Addiction, Dating, Divorce, Father, Father/Son, Gangster, Money, Relationship, Suspenseful
Uncut Gems, Casino, Molly’s Game, The Gambler (1974), Even Money, Even Money, Requiem for a Dream
Present, a few months
Casinos, Baseball Field, Residential Homes, Bank, Pawn Shop, Funeral Home, Sidewalks, Alleys, Boat House
MICHAEL (35) is inside a casino. He wins big and collects nearly $60,000. As he attempts to continue placing bets, he attracts the attention of a MANAGER (50), who sees Michael’s winning streak as a risk. The Manager asks Michael to take his business elsewhere, and Michael becomes combative before ultimately deciding to leave before he is forcibly removed.

Michael then arrives late to the baseball game of his son STEPHEN (10). He greets his ex-wife SUSAN (30). Michael admits to Susan that he is still gambling for a living. Susan is upset by this. Michael tries to assure her that his losing streak is over, but she claims that whether he wins or loses isn’t the problem. His reliance on gambling in general is the problem.

Michael goes to see his bookie EARL (69) and places a series of high-stakes bets. Earl’s wife MARGIE (65) assists him with his work. Earl shows signs of deteriorating health. However, he still assists Michael with placing his bets.

Later, Michael watches the games he bet on with his friend FROSTY (36), and he stumbles upon a KID (18) who is getting into betting. Michael gives the Kid some pointers.

Michael continues to bet, and his winning streak continues....