• Dawn the Compost Worm

  • Nouzha Evans
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Pilot
  • 73.5
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After breaking her parents’ rules and risking her life, an adventurous earthworm ventures aboveground, where she convinces a butterfly academy to accept her as a student. As she starts school, though, she quickly realizes that the other students do not want her in their classroom.
A school-aged worm who yearns to break free of her dull fate to follow her parents into traditional underground composting duties accidentally gets a look at the colorful but forbidden world of the garden above ground. Inspired by a magnificent butterfly, she secretly returns to try to gain entrance into the Butterfly Academy but struggles with total ignorance of other species.
After inadvertently catching a glimpse of life above ground, a preteen compost worm defies her strict parents and makes her way to the surface, where she meets the diverse creatures that live in an outdoor garden, and hopes to be accepted at a flight school for butterflies.
Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Animal Lead, Nature, School, Dramedy, Dysfunctional Family, Secrets
Worms, A Bug’s Life, Peep and the Big Wide World (TV), Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Flushed Away, Chicken Run
Present, Several Days
100% Great Outdoors, including a community garden, a compost pile, a worm tunnel juncture, a worm city, a school for worms, a worm home, a hill, a mulberry patch, a creek, a flower patch, an academy for butterflies, a weedy tunnel, a farmstand, a dance club, a rose garden, a cafeteria, a milkweed patch, and a principal’s office.
In the earth beneath a community garden, an earthworm family, TERRY (?), MARIA (?), and their daughter, DAWN (tween), eat dinner. Dawn thinks being an earthworm is boring and wants to spit out her food instead of compost it. This angers her father, who demands that she come down to Decomp City, where he works, instead of going to school.

On the way to Decomp City, Maria talks about how she used to be adventurous with Dawn. When Maria and Terry begin to work, Dawn becomes bored. Suddenly, a spade enters the ground and briefly carries off Terry, who loses his hat, and Maria. The ground opens up to the Up Above, which Dawn has never seen before. For the first time, Dawn sees a blue butterfly. The spade returns Terry and Maria to the ground.

Dawn becomes fixated on the butterfly. She asks her parents about the Up Above, but they just emphasize the danger worms face aboveground. Soon after, Dawn cuts class in order to dig to the Up Above. When she gets lost, she befriends some ants who help her reach the surface.

Aboveground, Dawn tries to talk to a ladybug and grasshopper who ignore her. She offers a...