• Our Lady of the Artichokes

  • Katherine Vaz
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 72.7
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AgentRich Green (The Gotham Group)
A young woman and her aunt encourage and perpetuate their community's belief that the Virgin Mary has appeared outside of their home so that they can save it from redevelopers who wish to turn it into a condo facility.
When a developer tries to evict them from their housing, a devout Portuguese-American woman and her niece try to save their home by claiming a miracle occurred there.
An elderly immigrant and her aspiring artist niece try to save their long-time home from being taken from them by a covetous new developer.
Mainstream (studio), Female Protagonist, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Faith/Spirituality, Supernatural, Latino / Hispanic Theme, Ensemble Cast, Art, Inspirational, Aunt/Uncle, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Friends/Friendship, Heartwarming, Mother/Daughter, Parent
Latino / Hispanic
Lady of Guadalupe, Hidden Figures
Contemporary, Roughly a Few Weeks
San Francisco, Apartment Complex, Gallery, Laundromat, Streets, Residential Homes, Aquatic Cove
CONNIE (58), ELENA (58), SILVIA (50s), MAGGIE (65), MAXINE (50s), GLORIA (55), and ALMA (22) throw a party for IZZY (22), who has earned a tryout for an art show. Later, Izzy meets with ALISHA (30), an art curator’s assistant. Izzy’s application is rejected. She begins to paint more freely. Izzy tells Connie that Estudillo Gardens is being sold it to a developer. Connie talks to LANE (30s), an employee for the developers, but to no avail. Later, hoping to save the complex, Connie gets the idea to have Izzy paint a silhouette of the Virgin Mary on a wall at the complex in order to fake a miracle. Izzy paints the Virgin Mary on a wall, and the talk of a miracle begins picking up. Lane tries to up the bribe to get Connie to squash all of this, but Connie refuses.

Connie falls and breaks her neck, but soon, the x-rays show it’s totally healed. Word spreads, and people start believing it’s a miracle. A council squashes any notion of not selling the complex. FRANK (50), an old acquaintance of Connie’s, shows up to help her. Meanwhile, Connie talks with JOE (50), Izzy’s deceased father. Izzy is invited to show a...