• Harm's Way

  • Ted Campbell
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 73.4
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ManagerCameron Cubbison (Zero Gravity Management)
A small town sheriff’s loyalties are put to the test when newly discovered human remains threaten to implicate the people he loves in a decades old murder.
A skull is discovered in the newest construction site in a small town, and as the investigation for the mysterious body goes on, the dark past of the town is exposed.
A small-town sheriff aiming to be re-elected catches the case of a long-dead body unearthed at a construction site that has been in development by a prominent businessman who is also the sheriff’s old high school friend. The men have a shrouded shared history regarding a fellow teenager’s disappearance in the 90s, so the sheriff has to play both sides after a State Police detective arrives in town to identify the body and pursue the case.
A small-town sheriff's run for reelection is challenged by a murder mystery involving his wife and a close friend.
Crime, Drama, Detective, Thriller, Mystery, Vigilante, Murder, Revenge, Forensic, Betrayal, Cop, DNA, Guns, Husband/Wife, Investigation, Police, Secrets, Small Town, Suspenseful
Mare of Easttown (TV), Prisoners, Lone Star, A Simple Plan, A Sweet Scent of Death, County Line
Present Day/A Few Days - Flashbacks to 1996
100% Small Town New England: Hopper's Field/Construction Site/Road/Main Street/Sheriff's Station/Patrick's Office/Jimmy's Bar/O'Connell Home/Bobby's Moore's House/Rural Road/Field/Brady High School/Dugan's Sedan/Dillon's Pickup Truck/Abandoned Building/District Attorney's Office
A flashback of a group of teenagers dancing beside a bonfire. A bloody and assaulted African American teenage girl stumbles into the crowd. Fast forward to the present day. A worker, MIKE SLOTNICK, finds a human skull while he is working on a construction site. The town sheriff, PATRICK O’CONNELL (43) arrives at his station. He is greeted by MARK, the deputy, and PEGGY NEWMAN (72). At his office, he is visited by his friend, BRANDON, who is teasing him about his sheriff election. He is then summoned to Harm’s Way to deal with the human skull. He finds a pair of old glasses that happen to belong to another TEENAGER from Patrick’s high school days. Patrick suddenly tells them to shut down everything and notify the State Police. They go to their friend, JIMMY, who owns a bar. He also asks Patrick about the murder. We also learn that Jimmy used to be a drug addict but has cleared his name since. DILLON MOORE enters the bar. He works for Jimmy because his mom gets sick. Dillon’s brother, BOBBY, was murdered decades ago. Patrick then sneakily asks Brandon if he was the one who murdered Bobby, which...