• Too Little Time

  • Phil Tan
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 72.2
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During the Covid lockdown in Malaysia, a woman falls for her neighbor, but struggles with societal expectations as the world opens up again.
An American former chef moves to Malaysia to teach at a culinary school in 2020. As the COVID pandemic breaks out and she is forced into isolation, she starts to fall in love with her neighbor, a female cellist, and navigates new questions about her sexuality.
An American chef falls in love with her engaged cellist neighbor while trapped in Malaysia during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pair struggle to navigate the complexities of their forbidden lesbian relationship as the lockdown lifts and their lives resume.
Female Protagonist, Drama, Romance, LGBTQ, Asian Theme, Foreign Locale, Social Commentary, Love Triangle, Dysfunctional Family, Affair, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Culture, Dating, Female, Love, Relationship, Secrets, Sex
White / European
Carmen and Lola (2018), Blue is the Warmest Color (2013), 7 Days, The End of Us, Carol, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Desert Hearts
2020/Several Months (with flashbacks to 2018)
Penang, Malaysia: Juliana's apartment, culinary school, the supermarket, Genie's apartment, Genie's family home.  Wisconsin: Luvu apartment, restaurant.
Former professional chef JULIANA WIXX (30s) moves into her new apartment in Panang, Malaysia. She enjoys exploring the food and culture of her city. She overhears her Malaysian neighbor GENIE QI (30s) talking to her boyfriend MIN and playing the cello. The Covid-19 pandemic begins to gain international attention. Juliana remembers her ex-husband RICHIE LUVU’s (30s) family asking about when they’d have children. Back in the present, Juliana’s teaching classes are put on hold because of the pandemic. Juliana hears her neighbor commenting on how good her cooking is while talking to Min, who is abroad for work. Genie is dissatisfied with Min’s disinterest in getting married. Mask and curfew restrictions are put into place. Juliana’s MOM encourages her to reach out to Genie.

Juliana invites Genie to dinner after running into her at the store. Genie and Juliana have a wonderful dinner. Juliana learns Genie wants to be a cellist but is held back by her family. Genie invites Juliana over for dinner at her place next time. That night Juliana dreams of making love to Genie. Juliana learns more about Genie’s controlling family. She asks Genie to teach her how to play...