• Limbo

  • Paul Jarnagin
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 71.7
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A defense attorney teams up with a shady cop to begin an investigation into strange events involving a supernatural entity that may be connected to their fathers’ murders years ago in a drug bust gone awry.
A hotshot lawyer and shady cop with a combative history team up to investigate the mysterious deaths of their fathers after a strange supernatural force unveils new evidence regarding the cold case.
After their police duo fathers’ deaths 25 years previously, an ex-policeman and defense lawyer try to uncover the real story of how their fathers died after being threatened by supernatural forces.
Crime, Detective, Horror, Supernatural, Thriller, Courtroom, Dark, Demons, Ghost, Murder, Mental Illness, Organized Crime, Revenge, Tragedy, Corruption, Alcoholism, Betrayal, Cop, Death, Doctor, Father/Son, Fight, Friends/Friendship, Guns, Judge, Killer, Law/Legal, Lawyer, Police, Secrets, Son, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent, Workplace
The Dead Don't Die, Body Cam, Fallen, Deliver Us from Evil
Present - Several Days, Several Weeks Later
Construction Site, Courthouse, Bradley's House, Police Station, Jail, Parking Lot Near Office Building, Property Warehouse, Park, Jodi's House, Mental Health Facility, Seltzer's Apartment, Griffin's Workshop, Bradley's Law Firm, Foreclosed House, Seltzer's Car, Linda's House, Convalescent Home, Hotel Suite, Cemetery, Nate's Drug House, Dive Bar, Woods, Highway Bridge, Hospital, City Hall Auditorium
At a drop-off, MARCO SHAW (28) kills BILL HOPKINS (40) and JOE BRADLEY (41). Twenty-five years later, WALT MALONE (62) is attacked by a supernatural entity.

Lawyer DAVID BRADLEY (36) defends and wins a case against DONNY SYKES (25) by having Detective ED COFFEY (62) testify against arresting officer JAY SELTZER (35).

Bradley goes home to girlfriend LENA (27). Seltzer arrests J.T. CHAMBERS (24) by racially profiling him and getting violent. Seltzer hears a voice warning him to stop his car, avoiding a car crash. Lena is attacked by a seemingly supernatural force.

Chambers presses charges against Seltzer; Bradley takes the case. Bradley returns home to find that Lena has written him a breakup letter. Bradley looks at his home surveillance to see that Lena was attacked by an invisible force. Bradley heads to the location where his father was once killed in a drug exchange. Seltzer follows Bradley to the location, and the men discover that both of their fathers were killed on the same day for the same reason, causing the men to put aside their differences and team up to find out what’s happening.

Seltzer strongarms psychic JODI NEWMAN (32) into helping them. She predicts that the two of them will die that weekend, and she...