• Orangeburg 68

  • Calhoun Cornwell
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 74.3
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In 1968, Orangeburg, South Carolina, several black students assemble a protest against the local bowling alley's segregation practices. As the movement grows, increasingly violent retaliation from racist police officers threatens to propel the community toward tragedy.
In 1968, Orangeburg, South Carolina, Black students lead a protest against a local bowling alley that bans them from bowling. They face racist treatment and brutality from white police officers and political figures.
In 1960s South Carolina, a young man and his friends experience racism and oppression in their communities, particularly at a local bowling alley that is trying to hold on to segregation. As tensions rise in their town, they take the fight to their oppressors by waging a civil rights protest against the establishment.
Drama, Period, Racially Based, Dark, African-American / Black Theme, Tragedy, Ensemble Cast, Social Commentary, Historical, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, College/University, Cop, Dating, Death, Guns, Law/Legal, Relationship, Student, True Story
Black / African
Selma, Detroit, BlacKkKlansman, Hairspray
1968-1969 / Several Weeks
100% Orangeburg, South Carolina: South Carolina State University, Courthouse, Bowling Alley, Mayor's office, Police Station, etc.
In Orangeburg, South Carolina, JUDGE BRADHAM (50s), white, presides over a courtroom in May 1969, as he reads a verdict for HENRY MORRELL (30), NORWOOD BELLAMY (40), JOHN WILLIAMS BROWN (40), JOSEPH HOWARD LANIER (50), COLLIE MERLE METTS (30), EDWARD H. MOORE (60), ALLEN JEROME RUSSELL (40), JESSE ALFRED SPELL (50), and SIDNEY TAYLOR.

HENRY SMITH (19), Black, goes to a bowling alley, where the white MRS. FLOYD (50s) and HARRY FLOYD (50s) just stare down his money. In 1968, SAMUEL HAMMOND (18) and BIG DULEY (20) are students at SC State. Henry dates VERNA (19) and Sam has a crush on ETHEL.

DR. BUTLER (40) is a Black civil rights activist. JOHN STROMAN (22) is student body president. Ethel is VP. BENNY proposes they try to bowl at the segregated alley in town, but John is reluctant. Verna struggles to pay her school bills.

John meets with the white MAYOR COVINGTON about his discriminatory policies in the primarily Black city. John wants to take a more slow and measured approach against the bowling alley, but other students push for more action. JAMES DAVIS talks about being tired of Black oppression. DELANO (17) is harassed by police officers as he practices basketball.

POLICE continue to harass the Black students. CLEVELAND SELLERS (25) talks to officers. The students debate...