• Without Mercy

  • R.J. Pineiro
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Pilot
  • 71.1
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The American president mobilizes a group of government and military operators to try and dismantle a threat by a newly formed Islamic radical group that has already perpetrated a nuclear attack overseas and set its sights on New York City.
After a military base in Jordan becomes the target of a terrorist attack, the American President orders a secret team to be assembled to stop terrorists from detonating a nuclear bomb on American soil.
After a nuclear attack by terrorists on a military base in Jordan, a motivated, underestimated US president seeks to take down the man responsible, a terrorist familiar to her. Meanwhile, the CIA, military operators, and a rogue FBI agent all work to stop another impending attack on New York.
Action, Drama, Thriller, Cop/FBI/CIA, Political, Terrorist, Military, FBI, President, Violence/Violent, Warrior
SEAL Team (TV), Homeland (TV), Borgen (TV), 24 (TV), Madam Secretary (TV), Tehran (TV), Law and Order: Organized Crime (TV), Quantico (TV), Alias (TV)
Present, Several Days
50% US, 50% Middle East: oval office, warehouse, woods, airport, sidewalks, tanker ship
A US Airfield in Jordan is attacked by terrorists, who detonate a dramatic bomb under the guidance of leader IBRAHIM AL CRAMEINI (45). In the Oval Office, US President LAURA VACCARO (45) assembles her advisors, including Chief of Staff JOHN WRIGHT (43). On video, they watch Al Crameini take credit for the bombing and vow that the US is not safe. Generals ROSEN (55) and FRENK (52) linger in the background.

In Pakistan, Al-Crameini’s lieutenant ATIQ (50’s) celebrates the birthday of his Western-educated daughter MARYAM (32), then confirms with Al-Crameini that he’s spreading misinformation in America. Meanwhile, Vaccaro wants a team on the ground to gather intel, and calls Colonel STARK (55) to set it up. Atiq visits a secret lab where a nuke is being readied. He goes over the plan to get it into the U.S. and later assures Pakistani Prime Minster KORAI (40) that America will collapse in less than two days’ time.

Vaccaro remembers facing Al-Crameini in hand-to-hand combat when she was a soldier. The CIA thinks they have located HASSAN, Al-Crameini’s brother in Pakistan. There, CIA special operators GORMAN (45) and HARWICH (53) meet with a colonel to go over a meet they have to try to get Hassan. However, their...