• Crabs in a Mother F*cking Bucket

  • Kari Mote
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 76.4
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A young Latina woman who had a daughter as a teen faces discrimination and slut shaming. She and her friend who is afraid to come out as lesbian help take care of the girl, as the woman faces added threats when she is sexually assaulted repeatedly by a local police officer.
A police officer sexually assaults a single mother, desperate to raise the money needed to leave town. The single mother decides to keep quiet about the rape but struggles to remain safe in the small town where she repeatedly sees her attacker.
In the 1990s, a Mexican-American woman works hard to save up money so that she and her daughter can move away from their discriminatory town. Her efforts are complicated when a local police officer repeatedly harasses her.
Female Protagonist, Drama, Period, LGBTQ, Racially Based, Dark, Political, Social Commentary, Dysfunctional Family, Daughter, Father/Daughter, Female, Friends/Friendship, Mother, Mother/Daughter, Parent, Parenthood, Relationship, Small Town, Violence/Violent
Latino / Hispanic
Maid (TV), The Accused, Bastard out of Carolina, The Light of the Moon, North Country, Room,
Present, a few weeks
100% Idaho: elementary school, house, truck, farm, orchard, bar
In 1995, police officer BRIAN (28) goes to school to pick up his daughter, ISABELLE (9). He takes her for ice cream before they go pick up HEATHER (20), Isabelle’s mom. Simultaneously, YOLANDA (20) arrives at the same school Isabelle goes to. In the parking lot, Yolanda sees her ex, EDDIE (26). The school has called them because their daughter, JORDAN (6), missed the bus. Eddie, a deadbeat, argues with Yolanda and leaves before seeing Jordan.

Yolanda picks Jordan up and takes her back to their trailer, which they share with Yolanda’s friend, MONICA (18). The next day at school, Jordan attempts to invite REBECCA (6), SAMMIE (6), and JILL (6) to her birthday party. They refuse. Isabelle sees the conversation and is friendly to Jordan.

Later, Yolanda and Monica ask Jordan about inviting classmate ROSA (6) to Jordan’s birthday party. Jordan does not want Rosa there, because she speaks Spanish. Yolanda reminds Jordan that she is Hispanic and forces Jordan to invite Rosa anyway.

Meanwhile, Yolanda reconnects with her mother, CARMEN (40). Carmen agrees to watch Jordan. Yolanda and Monica decide to go to the bar where Yolanda works for a night of fun. The bar’s owner, BUTCH (64), is unaware that Yolanda is only 20 but vouches for her...