• Avenue of Regrets

  • R.J. Pineiro
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Pilot
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After her opponent rapes her, a transwoman who is a boxer takes a job as the head of security of a women’s shelter where she eventually becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Unbeknownst to the police, many of the others who work or stay at the shelter have violent pasts and dark secrets that may make them responsible for the crime.
A city women’s shelter is a much-needed sanctuary for residents and staff, most of whom have experienced some form of abuse and sexual assault. When an unidentified dead body turns up at the shelter, two detectives launch interrogations that stand to reveal the complex pasts and motives that force staff members to keep secrets.
At an Austin, Texas women's shelter, the murder of a mysterious victim on the premises upends the already troubled daily lives of its staff and residents, including a transgender ex-boxer who is questioned by police first.
Crime, Drama, Mystery, LGBTQ, Dark, Murder, Revenge, Ensemble Cast, Boxing, Female, Killer, Secrets, Violence/Violent
Black / African
Big Little Lies (TV), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV), The Lovely Bones, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I May Destroy You (TV), Pose (TV), Euphoria (TV), Sort Of (TV), Red Band Society (TV)
Present, Several Days
90% Austin, Texas including a women's shelter with staff canteen, commons room, offices, cafeteria, and bedrooms 10% is set in an interview room, hospital, gym, morgue, bar, and a sports arena with a boxing ring
In the past, fighter DAN (30) defeats NOLAN (30’s) in the ring. Later, after Dan has transitioned to become DANA, Nolan and his crew find her and rape her. Ghostly ADELIA (20’s) observes and narrates.

In the present, detectives ACOSTA and DECARLO interview Dana because at the women’s shelter where she works security an unidentified dead body has been found, likely beaten to death. Adelia introduces the place and its staff, including MARGARET (20’s) the rape counselor, who discusses their new lawyer and their boss DAVID (30’s). Former military security guard PAT (40) waits for her daughter SOPHIE (17).

The detectives want to know about an incident where CATORI (20’s) came to the shelter running from TOMMY HICKS (20’s), who has been ordered by their tribe to bring her back. Margaret is familiar with them both, having been a victim. Pat and Dana get rid of Hicks. Boss David arrives to seal the deal. The police feel that Dana is holding back as she explains the situation.

Attorney KAMIRAH (35) is aghast that David might have been physically involved. She worries about the tribe’s attorneys. Their previous lawyer was involved with money laundering with the tribe, though the shelter was cleared of...