• Tango of Hope

  • Mikhail Bogomolny
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 78.6
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While being imprisoned in a concentration camp in Poland during WWII, a Jewish composer attempts to write a piece of music that will serve as a beacon of hope to the other prisoners as well as remind the world to never let an event like the Holocaust take place again.
A Jewish composer is put into a concentration camp after his longtime friend betrays him to the Nazis. As part of the cruel manipulations of his former friend and Nazi captor, he's forced to lead an orchestra, so he attempts to find hope and an enduring legacy through his music.
During World War II, a Jewish composer in Poland writes a piece of music aimed at bringing hope to others and remembering the horrors of the Holocaust that should never happen again.
Drama, Thriller, War, Dark, Tragedy, Foreign Locale, Social Commentary, Survival, Dysfunctional Family, Historical, Betrayal, Death, Father/Son, Friends/Friendship, Gory, Guns, Love, Mother/Daughter, Nazi, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent, WWII
White / European
Schindler's List, The Pianist, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Sound of Music
1938 - 1945
Ukraine: concert hall, picnic grounds; Poland: concentration camp, office, café, music academy, etc.
PROFESSOR LUDWIK URSTEIN (50s) tells his students, VICTOR (16), LENA (15), ARTEM (16), KATYA (16), and ALEXANDER (16), that they are going to perform “Tango of Hope” in front of an audience. Urstein gives Victor the honor of playing the solo. A mysterious OLD WOMAN (90) approaches Victor, and he rebuffs her request to have a picnic together.

Flashback, Poland 1938: RICHARD ROKITA (38) and LEO SHTRIKS (43) bicker about their opposing values and views on life. ANNAMARIE (15) sits with her mother, MARTA (late 30s), as her domineering father, Rokita, gives Annamarie’s birthday speech. Leo and his son, MAX (16), invite Rokita to play with them on stage. Rokita’s bad and is embarrassed, which he takes out on Max after Max gives Annamarie a vinyl of “Rondo Capriccioso E mol. Maciej Shtriks Solo na Fortepianie.” Shtriks gives Annamarie a necklace that belonged to wife deceased wife. Germans attack Poland.

Three years later: Max suggests he and Annamarie run away together. CAPTAIN FRITZ GEBAUER (mid-30s) finds out Max is Jewish and drags Max off. Annamarie tells Rokita and Shtriks about Max. After initially hesitating, Rokita gets Gebauer to release Max. Rokita tells Shtriks and Max that he has made provisions have been made for them to get out...