• Wheels of Justice

  • Tyler Wayne
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 74.2
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When her father is arrested for defending himself against a violent neighbor, a teenager with a passion for racing cars steals cars to pay for her father’s defense.
A budding race car driver resorts to stealing high-value cars with her boyfriend when her father is wrongfully convicted of murder after an incident of acting in self-defense.
When her father is unjustly charged with murder after killing a violent neighbor in self-defense, an Asian-American teenager with a talent for racing cars joins forces with her friend, using their connections with the automotive racing world to steal cars and raise money for her father’s legal representation. As the case becomes more complicated, so do the thefts, forcing the teens to take incredible risks to ensure her father’s freedom.
Female Protagonist, Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Sports, Racially Based, Courtroom, Heist, Murder, Asian Theme, Corruption, Social Commentary, Car, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Chase, Dating, Daughter, Father, Father/Daughter, Female, Fight, Grief, Law/Legal, Love, Money, Poverty, Racing, Relationship, Transformation
Asian / Pacific Islander
The Fast & the Furious, Stillwater, Clemency, Just Mercy, Conviction, Burn Out (France), Centauro (Spain), Alpha Dog, Stealing Cars
Present, Several Months
100% Los Angeles, CA, including: a raceway, apartment, detention facility, law firm, criminal court, county jail, house, downtown high rise, truck, car shop, pit garage, canyon trail, parking lot, security office, bail bond agency, cemetery, container yard, park, and high school.
RILEY YOUNG, 16, races a go-kart watched by her father, TOM YOUNG, 40s. Intercut with her racing is her talking in a high school classroom about how broken American society is. Riley wins the race. In second place is HUNTER KELLY, 18. JACK WARD, 40s, approaches Riley and Tom after the race and says he would like to offer Riley a spot in a program where ten kart racers would compete for a scholarship for a season in the Roadster Challenge. Hunter comes up to Riley and congratulates her on the race. There is tension between Tom and Hunter. Riley asks Tom why he doesn’t like Hunter, and he says he is just wary because Hunter’s father was a convicted car thief.

When Riley and Tom come home, they hear a woman’s screams downstairs. Tom goes to the apartment and DONOVAN CANTRELL, 40s, opens the door. Inside, a woman is bleeding and crying. Donovan shoves Tom and throws a haymaker at him. Riley drags Tom away. In the middle of the night, Tom and Riley hear Donovan banging on their door, demanding Tom open it. Tom tells Riley to go into her room. Tom opens the door and Donovan...