• Bowl 145 to Stay Alive

  • Terry Lynam
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 73.7
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Four elderly friends reminisce about their pasts as they bowl together. When the friends begin to share their deepest regrets though, a dark, secret, connection between two of the bowlers is revealed, and one of the bowlers violently turns on the others.
A group of bowlers in their seventies gathers for early-morning bowling sessions. One of the men accuses the other of being the driver of a hit-and-run that struck his sister decades prior, and holds the alley hostage as he tries to get the truth out.
A late-night bowling session between four elderly friends escalates into a tense standoff after painful secrets are uncovered through conversation.
Character Study, Drama, Thriller, Hostage, Dark, Revenge, African-American / Black Theme, Ensemble Cast, Social Commentary, Betrayal, Death, Friends/Friendship, Guns, Secrets, Siblings, Soldier, Suspenseful
Ultra Low
Black / African
Gutterballs, Kingpin, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Big Lebowski, 12 Angry Men, The Inquisitor
Present, Two Days
100% is set in a bowling alley.
LEFTY (70), a black man, bowls with his white friends SID (70s), MIKE (70s), and DOM (70s). The group has an easy rapport, but some tension arises as political topics such as Vietnam and racism are brought up. Lefty’s more conservative views and bitter attitude clash a bit with the rest of the group, particularly Dom. Dom shows a picture of his car during the conversation, which captures Lefty’s attention. Lefty discusses how he is still searching for the person who killed his sister in a hit-and-run and will do anything to get his revenge. On another evening, the group arrives at the bowling alley to find themselves the only guests. The sole employee CARLA (55) sets up the group. Like before, the group discusses various topics as they bowl, including various anecdotes of their lives and political topics such as past presidents.

Lefty is annoyed by Dom’s genuine questioning about whether he feels racial issues have improved from the past. Lefty goes to the bathroom with his bag, unpacking a pistol. The group discusses the worst thing they’ve ever done. Sid mentions accidentally hitting a person on their bike while driving and deciding to drive away without...