• Failure To Fire - Newest Draft

  • Phil Tan
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 75.5
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After moving to a new town, a young man takes an interest in guns and gets a job at a gun shop. Meanwhile, his classmate experiences a downward spiral in his life that sets him on a path toward being the gunman of a violent school shootout.
A young man moves to a small town, where he makes new friends and takes a job at a gun store. Meanwhile, a student at his school has his life spiral out of control, pushing him more and more toward instigating an act of violence.
A Chinese-American family moves to a small American town, where their wayward son develops a deep interest in firearms and working at the local gun shop. Meanwhile, a troubled basketball star and classmate of the son begins to develop his own interest in firearms as his family and social life crumble.
Independent (avant-garde), Character Study, Drama, LGBTQ, Dark, Murder, School, Teen, Asian Theme, Slice of Life, Ensemble Cast, Dysfunctional Family, Alcohol, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Dating, Death, Father, Father/Son, Friends/Friendship, Guns, High School, Mother, Mother/Son, Parent, Parenthood, Small Town, Violence/Violent
Asian / Pacific Islander
Elephant, American Beauty, Run Hide Fight, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Zero Day
Contemporary, Roughly a Few Weeks
95% Small Town: Walking Trail, Chinese Restaurant, Residential Homes, Apartments, Streets, Cemetery, High School, Shophouse, Gun Shop, Church, Cabin, Park, Waterfall, Hospital, etc.5% NYC: Chinese Restaurant, Apartment.
MING (40s) and LINDA (40s) are told that UNCLE SENG (70s) has passed away, leaving his noodle shop behind. Seeing this as a new start, they move in, along with their reluctant son CALVIN (16), to take over the business.

Calvin attends a new school, where he meets LONNIE (16), a comic book enthusiast, whose father JED (40s) is a regular at the noodle shop, and owns a gun store. Other students at the school also include BUDDY (17), CALEB (17), and AMENA (17).

Buddy, who is part of the Varsity team, has a tumultuous relationship with his father LOGAN (40s), who can be drunk and abusive, while his wife DOLLY (late 30s) is often the subject of his abuse.

Lonnie brings Calvin to meet Jed, who shows them around the gun shop. Calvin becomes interested in learning how to shoot. Meanwhile, Caleb has a bad game, and Logan berates him in the parking lot.

Calvin expresses his interest in learning how to shoot, but Linda says no. After some convincing, Linda agrees to one lesson. Calvin then shows interest in working at the shop, as they are looking for help. Linda is again against it, due to the noodle shop being busy.

Elsewhere, Amena...