• The Fractious Front Page Feud of Florence County

  • Billy Zeinert
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 73.4
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After being cut loose from his publication for exposing misdeeds amongst the powerful in Milwaukee, a young newspaperman arrives in a small Michigan mining town in 1882 to launch a local paper, only to discover it held captive by a sinister and charismatic reverend, who is also the wealthy local saloon owner and pimp. A girl forced into prostitution by the man makes her escape, putting in motion efforts by the journalist and townspeople to expose the man and save the people he’s bought and sold.
An honest reporter who starts a newspaper in a small town without law enforcement uncovers the corruption behind a local ministry.
In 1882 Wisconsin, a newspaper reporter fired from his previous job for muckraking is assigned to work launching a local paper. While there, he begins to expose a preacher and his daughter, who have been capturing young women and forcing them into sexual slavery.
Action, Crime, Drama, Family, Period, Thriller, Western, Con, Father/Daughter, Investigation, Journalism, Prostitution, Small Town, Suspenseful, True Story, Violence/Violent
White / European
Brimstone, Deadwood (TV), Hostiles, There Will Be Blood, Perry Mason (TV)
1882 - A Few Weeks
100% midwest: Michigan, rural Wisconsin, revival tent, mine, newspaper office, livery, bar, Wisconsin/Michigan border, mining office, jail.
In Spring 1882 in rural Wisconsin, LOUIS MUDGE (50) preaches at a revival tent. The CROWD goes wild. NINA MUDGE (23), drop-dead gorgeous outside, rotten and cruel inside, leads three TEENAGE GIRLS to the stage. One girl, CLARA (17), is captured and forced into sexual slavery.

CHASE OSBORNE (27) is fired from his job at the Milwaukee Evening News for trying to write an expose on brewery working conditions. Three MENACING MEN attack him. Osborne meets with PETER DEUSTER, former congressman, now founder and editor of the Milwaukee Evening News (50); he is sent to city jail, and eventually to Florence, Wisconsin.

On the Mudge compound, Nina and Mudge have timberwolves that are bloodthirsty. They and crony ARNIE escort new girls to their accommodations. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN serve ROUGH LOOKING MINERS, LOGGERS, and WORKMEN.

In Florence, H.D. FISCHER (30), BELVEDERE WHITTLESEY (50), and ABRAHAM LUDINGTON (35) meet, and ABIGAIL BICKERS (27) asks them questions.

Osborne meets WARREN BARNS (?) on the train, and he says he is going to work with Mudge.

Abigail makes her way into the newspaper building as Whittlesey, Ludington, and DOC TULLEY filter into the room. Osborne talks about how Mr. Fischer tried to convince him to become the town sheriff. This worries Mudge and Nina.