• The Advantages of Whiskey over Dogs

  • Michael Begg & Barry A. Lemoine
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Scouted
  • 74
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2nd Runner-Up Screenplay Competition Award, 2021 Beverly Hills Film Festival; Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival 2022; Finalist, WeScreenplay Feature Screenwriting Lab 2021; Semi-Finalist, 25th Annual Fade In Awards Comedy Competition (2020); Semifinalist, Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards 5th SEASON; Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Feature Competition 2022; Quarterfinalist, Emerging Screenwriters - Genre Screenplay Competition 2020; Quarterfinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Spring 2020; Quarterfinalist, StoryPros International Screenplay Contest 14th Annual - 2020
When a 1929 Hollywood studio informs silent-movie stars John Barrymore and W.C. Fields that they have no future in “talkies”, they kidnap box-office sensation Rin Tin Tin to protect their careers.
In 1929, John Barrymore finds himself unemployed and mixed up in his buddy W.C. Fields' plot to steal movie star Rin Tin Tin in order to get their jobs back, but it gets out of hand when bootlegger Sam the Baker abducts the dog to blackmail studio head Minkin.
In 1929 Hollywood, as the silent era turns to the talkies, Hollywood stars Jack Barrymore and Bill Fields take an acting-star dog from the studio lot. They are soon chased after by bootlegging goons and federal agents trying to bust a speakeasy who think the bootlegger is responsible for the dognapping.
In 1929, actor John Barrymore and his comedian friend Bill Fields attempt to win back employment from their studio boss by kidnapping the studio's prized movie dog, Rin Tin Tin. However, a bootleg gangster seeking to blackmail the studio boss sends his men to pursue the dog as well.
Comedy, Crime, Romance, Period, Buddy, Cop/FBI/CIA, Heist, Kidnap, Movie Business, Rescue, Historical, Actor, Agent, Alcohol, Celebrity, Dog, Fame, FBI, Filmmaker/Filmmaking, Friends/Friendship, Undercover
White / European
Silent Movie, Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood, Screwed, 9 to 5, Horrible Bosses. Ruthless People, Singin’ in the Rain, Hail, Caesar!, Barton Fink
1929 - a few days
Los Angeles: studio lot, sandwich shop, bakery/speakeasy w/office, house, ranch, diner, elegant restaurant, park, Hollywood Bowl, Roosevelt Hotel, abandoned warehouse, mansion.
FBI AGENTS PHELAN (28) and HOFFER (30) are pulling up to a studio. Actor JOHN "JACK" BARRYMORE (42) bids farewell to a FLAPPER at the studio gate, where he greets security guard TAD O'CONNELL (32). Jack hides when OSARIO "SAM THE BAKER" PACELLI (52) arrives to make a delivery. He tells Tad he's looking for Minkin, Fields and Barrymore, and he's hoping to run into Greta Garbo. His goons, RAUL (26) and PIETRO (35), follow him in. While they unload cream pies, Jack steals a whiskey bottle. GRETA (24) is filming a scene and feeling uneasy about her Swedish when she catches Jack watching her. W.C. "BILL" FIELDS (49) shoots Jack's bottle with a rock using his slingshot and points out that Rin Tin Tin (Rinty) and WILLIAM S. HART (65) have taken over Jack's bungalow. Hart explains that Minkin won't pay out his contract, so Hart is taking care of Rinty because he won't break a contract. Rinty is even being considered for the first Best Actor award. Greta blows past secretary EMMA GUTTMACHER (33) into D.B. MINKIN's (58) office. She doesn't want to play "whore" Anna Christie even if she is Swedish. Greta asks for a dialogue coach. Minkin tells her she's going to have to start acting...