• The Front

  • Michael Bergeron
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 75.8
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In 1943 Michigan, a young woman fights to save her father’s farm. German POWs arrive on the farm as labor, but as some of them try to plot their escape, the woman falls in love with a German mechanic.
An American woman in 1943 tries to save her family’s farm by begrudgingly enlisting the help of a German POW mechanic.
In 1940s America, a shrewd young farmer attempts to save her father's farm by enlisting the help of a German POW from a nearby POW camp. She develops an unexpected romantic bond with the POW, which is threatened when the German prisoners at the nearby camp plan a deadly breakout scheme.
Female Protagonist, Drama, Romance, Period, War, Prison, Historical, Daughter, Father/Daughter, Female, Love, Nazi, Relationship, Rivalry, Rural, WWII
White / European
The Keeper, Land of Mine, The English Patient, Summer of My German Soldier
1943, a few weeks
100% Rural America 1943 - POW Camp, farmhouse, fields, barn, etc.
In 1943 America, GENEVIEVE (GEN) DUNNIGAN struggles to maintain her family’s farm with her old equipment. Her friend AUDREY WHITEMAN is frustrated at her dedication to the farm and her refusal to ask Audrey’s father for help. Later, HAL WESTCOTT talks with FRANK DUNNIGAN (40s), Gen’s father about how the bank will foreclose his property if he doesn’t sell or pay off his loan debts soon. Audrey mentions how WILLIAM asks about Gen, who brushes off the comment. Gen wants to focus on saving the farm, while Audrey insists the way to save the farm is to marry another farmer. Meanwhile, COLONEL DURAND and MAJOR SHELBY address the German POWs at the nearby POW camp with the help of Sergeant TRAVIS MOREAU. The soldiers include Officer HORST FUCHS (40s), GREGGOR KIRCHE, HEINRICH ZIMMER, JOFEF SCHREIBER, and JAKOB PFEIFFER. Several POWs disobey orders immediately. Heinrich has a panic attack after seeing butchered pigs. Later Frank chastises Gen for organizing farm work without asking. He shuts down her ideas to find labor to save the farm. A frustrated Gen attempts to soothe herself by pretending to dance with the imaginary man of her dreams. Later, Josef chastises Horst for...