• Moving Up

  • Laurence Gingold
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 72.2
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Barry’s senior year of high school in 1989 as he grows beyond his conservative upbringing into someone with a more open mind.
A teenager comes of age in the 1980s, raised in a Jewish and Christian household by super-pro-Republican parents.
In 1980s America, a troubled teen attempts to navigate an interracial relationship and college admissions under the overbearing presence of his discriminatory, zealous Republican parents.
Character Study, Comedy, Drama, Period, Political, School, Teen, Dramedy, Troubled Youth, Social Commentary, Dysfunctional Family, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Dating, High School, Identity, Love, Relationship, Son
White / European
American Graffiti, Superbad, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Funny Pages, Lady Bird, The Breakfast Club
1980s, a few years
New York city/suburbs: camp, city streets, high school, arcade
In summer 1989, BARRY FEINSTEIN (17) makes out with VIVIAN (17) at a camp cabin. Things get steamy, but they are interrupted by three MALE COUNSELORS who prank Barry.

17 years earlier in a NYC hospital, Barry is born to JANET and LEON FEINSTEIN (mid-30s). Barry is circumcised by a RABBI and his Jewish family. Barry, eight days old, is held by his Godparents, CHARLIE and SARAH. Barry’s grandparents, ETHEL and ISAAC are also present. Barry is raised Jewish as well as Lutheran, with his other godparents, MARY and J.J.

In 1977, the family moves from the city to Westchester suburbia. Barry gets in trouble often, while his cousins, GRACE and PETER, succeed. In high school, he hangs out with friends including ANDREW KWAN (teenager), while Barry and TRAVIS (teenager) are on a debate team. He is also friends with LEILA (teenager), a Black student.

Barry’s parents are Republicans who push him to attend a good school. Barry struggles to be competitive in college applications. Barry has a major crush on ERICA SANTELLI, an attractive senior. Travis and Barry spend time ogling Erica and GABRIELLA. Andrew, Korean-American, dates JENNY, a white girl.

Barry fantasizes about having sex with Erica. He gets...