• Failure To Fire

  • Phil Tan
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 73.9
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After a family move from NYC to a small town, a disgruntled teen takes an interest in the local gun shop, where he excels in learning the skills and engineering of firearms, eventually getting a job there. Meanwhile, the boy’s basketball star classmate deals with his own pressures, but isn’t able to find a productive outlet, putting the athlete on a dark path that threatens the school and the town.
An Asian-American teen reluctantly moves from New York to a small town for his parents to run his late relative’s noodle shop. He begins to take a keen interest in the local gun shop run by a classmate, and starts learning more about firearms.
After a Chinese-American family moves to a small southern town, their wayward teenage boy becomes increasingly interested in working at the local gun shop. At the same time, one of his peers faces social and familial instability, taking an interest in firearms as well.
Drama, Family, Thriller, Teen, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Hero, High School, Violence/Violent
Asian / Pacific Islander
Zero Day, Elephant, We Need to Talk about Kevin, Bang Bang You’re Dead, The Class
Present Day - A Few Months
100% Small Town Upstate NY: school, restaurant, shops, shooting range.
CALVIN TECK (Asian, 16) lives in a small New York apartment with parents MING TECK (40s) and LINDA.

UNCLE SENG (Asian, 70s) is taking a walk when he gets a call from Ming wishing him a happy birthday. Later, Uncle Seng dies. The Tecks visit JIN (70’s), Uncle Seng’s widow, and hold a funeral and a repast at the noodle shop. Jing tells Ming that Seng wanted him to have the shop, or else she will sell it. Ming and Linda decide to leave New York to come take over the noodle shop.

Much to Calvin’s chagrin, the family moves to the small town. PASTOR JONES (50s) greets Jin at the noodle shop. Calvin goes to school and meets LONNIE CLIFFS (16) and teacher MRS. WILSON (40s). He sees popular kids including BUDDY DARVILLE (white, 17) and MELANIE BILLINGS (white, 17). He also sees CALEB (17), and is drawn to AMENA REEDER (black, 17).

At the noodle shop later, Lonnie enters with his father JED (white, 40s). Calvin and Lonnie talk, and Calvin learns that Lonnie’s dad owns a gun shop.

Buddy goes to the leasing office, and talks to JUNE BARNES (white, 30s). His father LOGAN DARVILLE (white, 40s) works there, and...