• Joshua - Newest Draft

  • Brian Feinberg
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 80.2
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An eleven year old comic prodigy must overcome his dad's tough love and a life threatening diagnosis to achieve his dreams.
An eleven-year-old kid stricken with cancer strives to become a famous comedian before his condition worsens.
A young aspiring comedian develops leukemia. His father, who initially disapproved of his son's aspirations, must let go of his own negative beliefs about comedy to allow his son to pursue his dreams with his limited time.
When an eleven-year-old Black kid dreaming of becoming a world-famous stand-up comedian is diagnosed with leukemia, he focuses all his energy on making it happen, challenging his single father, who himself struggles to accept not only the diagnosis but his son’s burgeoning dreams.
Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance, Buddy, Medical, School, Broad Comedy, Dramedy, Feel Good/Uplifting, Survival, Inspirational, Adolescence, Childhood, Dating, Education, Father, Father/Son, Fatherhood, Friends/Friendship, Grief, Heartwarming, Home, Love, Mother, Mother/Son, Parent, Parenthood, Performance, Performer, Relationship, Student, Teacher, Transformation
Black / African
Comedian, Heckler, Funny People, 50/50, The Fault in Our Stars, Me, The Big Sick
Present, Several Months
99% Philadelphia, including: homes, a school, comedy clubs, a hospital. 1% Los Angeles, including: the airport, exteriors, and the Tonight Show set.
JOSHUA (11) watches a Dave Chappelle comedy special. He attempts to mimic the comedian's mannerisms to his father, CHARLES (42), but he's uninterested. Joshua dreams of being a famous comedian. He's friends with TREVOR (11), and his mother JESSICA (38).

Jessica sees Joshua's gifts as a comedian, and wants to give him a shot through an old friend. Charles refuses to let Joshua perform. Later Joshua has a sudden fever. It clears up soon after, but then it happens again. Joshua is diagnosed with a version of leukemia.

Joshua is depressed at the news. Jessica persuades Charles to let him perform at the venue. Joshua ends up bombing his set and is heckled off. Depressed again, Joshua attends school, where MRS. FREEMAN (70), a guidance counselor, shows him a video of John Oliver recounting when he blew his comedy set. Joshua undergoes treatment, and starts to feel better.

Joshua does another set. He isn't heckled off, but his jokes barely land.

Charles and Jessica bond, and appear to be interested in one another romantically. Charles talks to Jessica about his former wife, and how Joshua got his comedic side from her. Trevor informs him of a comedy club competition. Charles refuses to let him go,...